Leslie's story

Hello. I am Leslie. Wife, mother, friend, creator, chef, taxi driver, driving instructor, decorator, blogger, teacher, dieter, thrift store O'holic, dreamer ~ I am married to my very best friend.
In June of 2010 we have been married for 20 yrs.
Together we have two wonderful girls,  3 crazy dogs, a sweet little house and a life to be thankful for.

The Spoonful family is a creative bunch. We are always getting into something! I AM instant gratificationally challenged. Also, I admit to working to fast, being somewhat clumsy and usually trying it the wrong way the first time. And, I should add, I've been known to make up my own words.

I am a lover of everything ~ special moments with my family, sunny days on the boat. Daughters. Laughter. Big furry dogs. The ability to summon up a great memory. Glitter. Halloween. Happy tears. Cooking in a clean kitchen. Mr Spoonful. Painting. Books. Books with happy endings. Photographs. Taking photographs. The sounds of birds in locusts humming in the summer. Snow. Hair dye. Coffee. Decorating. Redecorating. The smell of fresh cut lilacs. Scrap booking. Scrapbook paper. Stickers. Mildred, my shiny red Kitchen Aid, Pumpkins, Latte's. Harrison Ford movies. Pizza. Socks. Christmas carols. Happy people. Sun dresses. Wood. Daydreaming. Little ugly dogs with smushed in faces. Dinner time with the Spoonful family. God.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Spoonful blog

here you will find us ~ just being us.

Have a beautiful Spoonful day!