Saturday, May 16, 2015

Making the best of it

What do you do when mother nature throws you a lemon..
You hold hands and enjoy the beautiful weather while strolling through the park with your little dog.

It's gorgeous outside,  I know that you guys are wondering why I would call it a lemon.

well...  Our intentions were to enjoy the view from the water,
but the tide was so low that we couldn't launch our boat . 

You know... you learn to make the best of it.
I had just as much fun hanging out in the park.
Later we came home,  grilled some bbq beef and shrimp Kabobs and spent the rest of the day outside.

Pauls been on vacation all week and the weather has not cooperated.
All he wants to do is get that boat out! 
We're planning a little boat trip this morning...
and crazy enough I woke up with a clogged head, stuffy nose and a sore throat.
I'm not even gonna tell him that I feel yucky.   : )
I started a new project this week...
Power tools!!!!! 

Ever since I stripped and stained that cabinet in the dining room,
I have had this idea that I would also do the French doors in the living room.

Like everything else in this house..
there are a billion coats of paint on these doors.

I first had to use the heat gun ...  which is awesome by the way.
Once you heat it up,  with a little elbow grease, the paint just peels off.
Sanding it down is the easy part.
I painted the inside of the window trim black because there is no way that I can sand it without messing up the glass. 
Plus.. it's easier.

In one day I had both sides of the door almost finished.
Staining it...  that's the fun part!!

Of course,  I hung it back up before it was finished..
(I still need to work on the windows and put another coat of stain on it.)
I couldn't wait to see how it would look.
Just 3 more doors to go!!!!!  

As for this day...
I'm going to sit here in the kitchen, consume more coffee and try to clear this head up.
It's Preakness day in Baltimore...
So I was thinking about making some Black-eyed Susan cocktails to take out on the boat.
That should help with this headcold!!  : )

Have a wonderful day!
Thanks for hanging with me during my "dry" blogging spells.
Peace, Love and Sunshine!!!!!


Liz said...

What a bummer that you cant even get out in the boat. The door looks great! We redid an old farmhouse years ago, stripped off layers of old paint, that heat gun was the best help ever! Happy Preakness Day! Hope you get some boating in!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Love the photo of your kitchen island - so pretty and homey :-)
Have a great first day on the boat!

It's me said...

Have a Nice Ria....x!

Claire said...

What a pretty, unique door! Love all the photos!

God bless,
XO, Claire

Joy said...

I love the walk and the barbecue. Doing paintings is not my thing, but my hubby. I admire you. You are good.
Well, there will be boating for us this summer too:)

Mildred said...

Sorry about you feeling bad and about the low tide! Your little dog is so sweet. We miss our 14 yr old doxie so much. She left a big hole in our hearts.
Dinner on the grill looks so tasty! Wishing you a nice week. Feel better soon.

Lynn said...

It's a bummer when plans have to change but it sounds like you're rolling with it! Hope you feel better soon:@)

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