Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Darla stuff

Yet another cold blustery day in Baltimore.
Do me a favor,  If I complain about being to hot this summer..  go ahead and punch me in the face!
I got dressed for the gym and then changed my mind and came home and put my favorite jeans on.
I'm just not feeling it today!!
Today I feel like chilling.
Like my Darla slippers?
I think Darla feels a little smug when I am wearing my "Darla stuff".
I can see her sticking her tongue out at the other dogs.. nanny nanny boo boo...

Sometimes I share my clothes with her..
they make her look sweet and innocent.
This old girl is a spoiled brat!
But she sure does love her mama.
I don't know why she trusts me...
I'm the one that dresses her up in crazy outfits,  baths her and paints her nails all different colors.

Oh.. just look at that face!
...  a face that only a mother could love.  

Hope that you all have a great Tuesday.
 Darla and I are gonna keep warm by hanging out in our favorite chair today.
Be Happy



It's me said...

Owwwww so cute....love this post.....love Ria...x!

Melinda said...

Way, way too funny!

Love the last two pictures.

M :)

Lynn said...

Aw, looks like you had a perfect day! I schlepped home in another ice storm... I'm sooo ready for spring:@)

Theresa said...

Cute slippers:) I know that sweet girl loves you to pieces! Enjoy your week dear friend, HUGS!

Liz said...

Darla sure looks like a honey of a dog! My little thing is mommy spoiled too!