Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter in Baltimore

Remember our favorite lighthouse that sits on the edge of "our" island?
 Seeing this stunning  photo of it in winter's icy glory makes summer seem so far away.  

Certainly a contrast to what we are used to seeing.

Friends of ours live across from the Craighill lighthouse and I borrowed these amazing winter photos from their facebook.   It's such a beautiful eerie sight.

There's our Island over in the horizon.  Feels like forever since we've been there!!!!!
Paul and I talk about the boat every day..  every single day we are a day closer.

It wont be long before I will paddle over there on my board. 

Meanwhile,  we'll just look at this chilly view and dream...

Saturday's snow storm came on fast.   I knew that a few inches were expected...  but honestly,  after a season of being "punked" by weather predictions, I don't believe a word the weather people say.
Which was why I went ahead and met some friends for lunch early in the afternoon before it snowed.


In less then two hours there was already a few inches of snow on the ground.   The roads were horrible.   HORRIBLE!!!   A drive that would have normally taken me less then 10 minutes,  took 3 hours!      There were cars stuck everywhere!   Driving around them was like driving through an obstacle course in which I drove with the white knuckled grip the whole time.  Scary!  

This was the scene just down the road from my house.
 (another photo that I borrowed from another facebook friend. )

Isnt that insane!!!
I was so happy to be home and even more happy to hang out on the bike with Paul.
This is his favorite thing to do.. 
 take out the atv and cruise terrorize the neighborhood when it is snowing.
Its so much fun.   I just hold on tight and let him lead the way.

His favorite stop is a tiny old cemetery that is tucked away in the middle of our neighborhood.
It dates back to the 1800's and most of the names on the tombstones match names on the street signs around here.  Makes me want to learn more about the history of this neighborhood.
We were like a couple of kids standing outside of the grave yard,  snuggling to keep warm and sharing the beer that I had stuffed in my coat pocket.   :  )

Isn't it strangely beautiful?

 And there's this guy...  
Is it possible to have to much fun?
We stayed out on the bike for hours.. 
(until we had icicles dangling from our ears!)
Have I mentioned that I would follow him anywhere!  : )

On Sunday, after we dug out,  Sally and I took advantage of the beautiful day and
 went out to ride our sleds on the hill nearby.
I haven't been sleigh riding in years!
Paul is normally in charge of the sledding adventures,  but he and Michelle both had to work.

Thankfully,  the stream at the bottom of the hill was barricaded  by that black fencing.

Soooo much fun!!
I'm talkin  the upside-down on my back with snow down my collar and my boot hanging off  kind of fun!

What a great weekend!
Winter in Baltimore.. 
  not so bad after all!!!
Have a wonderful Thursday lovely friends


Valerie Ratliff said...

Your pics are gorgeous.. The bike looks like so much fun. Glad you are safe at home. We got a break from Winter for today and I pretended it was Spring but now it is getting cold and more snow. It just melted it's coming back again. I'm with you ...rather be in the water.

Lynn said...

Other than the drive home, it sounds like a fun way to enjoy a couple snow filled days:@)

Theresa said...

Looks like loads of fun to me! We didn't get even ONE flake! It was predicted but nothing! Enjoy your beautiful snow and all of the fun:) HUGS!

Madelief said...

Even with the ice and the snow the lighthouse looks spectacular in the bay.

You really had lots o snow! Stay warm overthere!

Madelief x

Bmore Bungalow said... lovebirds are so romantic.

Your pictures accurately reflect the caos that was going on. my husband and I had to abandon our Mini Cooper on the side of the road that day, as it kept getting stuck :-(

Angela V. said...

I can't wait till my little kids are bigger for sledding! My big kids sure love it!

Melinda said...

Sounds like a scary ride home but at least you had fun afterwards.
Sledding is a blast!

We are in for some kind of storm this

M : )

Melanie said...

Ugh. I hate driving in snow. SOOOoooo not my thing. :(
The sledding looks like a ton of fun though!