Sunday, February 22, 2015

The jewelry display, girl corner and the bedroom

I love jewelry.
Funky necklaces
colorful bracelets
and my favorite..  
Big gaudy rings.
While on my mission to downsize and organize I recently cleaned up my jewelry and made a wonderful place to store my girly stuff.
I call it the " girl corner"..  but Paul says that's a lie, since the whole bedroom is girly.

Before I show you what's happening in the girl corner,
I want to show you one of the projects that I finished up a few weeks ago.
Almost 25 years ago (yikes ~  I just love saying that),  On the first christmas that Paul and I were married,  my mom gave me a beautiful armoire style jewelry box.   Throughout the years..  it has collected many paint splatters, scratches and coffee cup rings.  It was in desperate need of a makeover.

There's that handy little sander again..   love that thing!

I brought it downstairs, scuffed it up, ripped out the guts and broke out the paint and stain.



Now..  Lemme show you the finished box and the girl corner.

Didn't the box turn out gorgeous!!!
I have a ton of costume jewelry..
a lot that I still need to sort through.

I used foam to hold my pins and crazy rings and balsa wood to create little compartments in the drawers.

Try not to focus on the stain finger prints that I left on the inside  ( which I just noticed)
but check out my new short haircut.  : )

The old shadow box works perfectly to display perfumes and polishes. 
I considered repainting it to match...  but then I kinda like the weird color combination.

I just love the easy access to everything!!!!
Makes me want to get a dolled up.

As much as I love  it all...   This branch necklace display is my FAVORITE!!!

I hung all of my favorites on the branches so that I can just grab and go.
Plus, it's fun to see them all hanging there.

Isn't it great!
On to the rest of the room.
   With the newly stained floor, new rugs and bedding..  it feels so cozy.
Remember that I said that I didn't do that great of a job staining the floor.
It's definitely not perfect..  but it still looks significantly better that it did before.
It appears that I need to center up my star a little bit.  
This is an old drawing of Sally's.
Still one of my favorite things. 


It's hard to believe that this is what we used to see when we opened the attic door..
All of that hard work has surely paid off.

I guess Paul is right..
it is a little girly.  : )

 Hope that you all enjoyed the little tour.
It's time for us to get out of bed and start shoveling.
Don't wanna!!!
Have a wonderful day dear friends.


Valerie Ratliff said...

It looks great. I love the jewelry chest and I bet your mom would too. You are just quite the worker bee. Come to my house soon. We are in the midst of another storm and the central heat still isn't fixed so still no painting grrrr. Your room is looking so sweet. Are you going to paint your furniture too and change out the hardware?

Miss Merry said...

I just love it. The colors are terrific and accent each other. Love the tree branches, too. Adorbs!!!!!

Catherine said...

I love your girls coner! I need one like this.

Melinda said...

Every girl needs a girly area
AND jewelry.
Your cabinet looks super!

M : )

Earlene L. said...

Good job!!! feels good to get organized.

Lynn said...

Everything looks great! Lovin' your cute new haircut too:@)

Angela V. said...

Oh I just LOVE what you did with the jewelry chest! You really have an amazing talent!

Theresa said...

WOWZA! I love the display of your jewelry including that jewelry chest re-do! AWESOME look in your bedroom, not too girly either... tell the husband it is just right:) Enjoy your day dear friend, come re-decorate my house, PLEEZE! HUGS!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Love the whole post!!! You motivated me to finally tackle a very small but similar jewelry box for Sarah. And I love your short hair! And your daughter's art! And your room! And your attic stairwell! And… your blog!
(the other MD blogger) Leslie

Melanie said...

Looks FABULOUS to me! It can't be THAT girlie when you used a lot of blue and not pink, right? :)

CatTales said...

I adore your flair with decorating. Stopping by after a long absence from blogging. Mildred

Liz said...

You sure have done a lot of work around there! And boy does it look great!! I love your huge collection of jewelry! I would have a blast going through all of that! I think my bedspread is about the same as yours!