Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The door project

Happy Groundhog's day!!!!
(I did start this blog post yesterday)

I don't care what Phil says,  I am optimistic and excited about springs arrival. 
Hey, it's already February..   we're in the home stretch now!!!

We've got so many things planned ~ Gardens to rearrange,  new shrubbery to plant,  I want to build a stone patio in the back yard,  revamp the deck and most of all...  I can't wait to play on the new paddle board.
The first windless 60 degree day ~  I am outta here!

Meanwhile...   I've have plenty of inside projects to keep my busy during this cold season.

I finished another project yesterday..  and I gotta tell ya,  I'm pretty happy with it.
I've seen this idea all over pinterest and many of my facebook friends have sent me photos of this project as well ~  I think that they know me pretty well!  

This is the idea that I copied.  I'm sure you all have seen it before.

 It just so happens that I had an extra set of french doors in the basement.
Well...   sort've extra,  I stole it from the laundry room.

I liked the color of the door so I left it alone. However,  I did take the sander to it and rough it up a bit.

As you can probably see,  there are two windows missing.  
Way back when we had a pool table in the basement the windows got broken by a pool stick.
my bad.

I picked up some hooks from Lowes and some pretty 12x 12 paper and double sided tape at Michaels .

I just lined the paper up on the window, folded the access and then trimmed it off.
Super easy.

 Once I choose the photos that I wanted to use,  I used the double sided tape to adhere them to the paper
and then used the tape again to attach the paper to the glass.

 I skipped three of the top windows..
the two broken ones and one at the opposite end.
I'm a little OCD about things lining up.

I was multitasking..   having dinner while working on the door.

I attached chipboard letters to the blank windows
and used clothes pins to hang some old photos from them.

Here it is all done and hanging on the newly repainted wall.

I told you that I decided against that dark teal paint..
the lighter shade looks so much better,
don't ya think.

Now I just have to put the last coat of paint on the steps
and it's completely done. 

I might get to it tonight when I get finished with my other chores.
Maybe! : )

Have a great day everyone
Happy February!!


Wendi said...

Looking good! I had forgotten about chipboard letters... hmmm... I might pick some up for Megan's room.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

That's fabulous Leslie!

Valerie Ratliff said...

I love your door. I'm doing something similar with the old farmhouse front door with just a few pics. Your upstairs is really looking great. Your not going to want to go downstairs. Glad you are getting a 60 degree day.

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Looks great! Thanks for stopping by!

Melinda said...

Very awesome, Mrs. DIY!

Just curious, are you still
doing cards?

M : )

Theresa said...

I have seen that on Pinterest and LOVE it! Your project turned out wonderful! I must find a door or a window to do the same:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Angela V. said...

Gosh, I just love this! Wish I had a door just lying around!