Monday, November 17, 2014

Sweet 16 in the big apple ( photo overload)

I mentioned that there was a big birthday last week!   
16!  Yikes!

As we were preparing for Sally's birthday we offered to have a party somewhere, but she didn't want to. 
 She said that she just wanted to hang out with me..  a mom date, like we used to have.  ( can you feel this mother's heart swell)
                          ......And that's how it started.  

New York City.  

We had no set plans except that we were going to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.

We hopped on the bus up at 7:30 am and we strolling through the city by 11:00.

This view from New Jersey,  just outside of the Lincoln tunnel has always been my favorite.   I always get excited when we reach this point.

 Our first stop,  Times Square..  where we were attacked by these characters. 

Mostly all of the photos are from Sally's camera and point of view. 
 You'll see...  she took some great photos of our trip.

We made a few stops on times square and decided on instead of going downtown as we had planned,  
that we'd walk north to central park.

It was cold.. but so beautiful. The foliage was full of color.

 Speaking of beautiful..  Look at this cutie.  I can't believe that she's 16 already!

 We spent hours in the park.. we've been there before, on carriage rides,  and it was never anything like this,  strolling on foot.   It was breathtaking.   We could have stayed there all day long.

Being in the park really made us both want to go home and watch Elf and Home Alone 2 ...  : ) 

We went to Rockefeller center where we contemplated going ice skating.  We both chickened out.

 They were literally trimming the tree.

After indulging on a slice of the greasiest, most delicious, slice of New York pizza, 
We took the Top Of  The Rock tour.   I think that the view from here is even better then that from the empire state building.. because from here you have the gorgeous view of the Empire state building.

I love this shot where you can see the Empire state building, the Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

And of course..  we had to go to Macy's!

Soon it was time for dinner...  With arm loads of packages we traveled back up to Times Square.


As promised,  Sally's old grade school bff .. who now lives just outside of Manhattan,  met us for dinner.  Although they sometimes Skype..  these two haven't seen each other in person for almost 4 years.   It was a funny reunion..  They crack me up!!!

And that my friends was pretty much all of our trip!   Nothing fancy..  but truly a wonderful day and a great 16th Birthday!!

Hope you enjoyed the journey with us.   Just be thankful that you don't have the sore hips and feet : )


Valerie Ratliff said...

The trip looks unforgettable. My mom took me on a class trip after Christmas before I turned 16. I will never forget it. Rockettes and all.

The Happy Whisk said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Great day.

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl. My daughter and I are doing a mother/daughter trip to NYC for her 18th birthday next month and your pictures made me even more excited. Thanks for sharing your trip.

It's me said...

What a great trip....!!...happy birthday to your daughter love Ria...x!

Lynn said...

Looks like you both had a great day! Great memories I'm sure:@)

Gina said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love the city! (Would you believe NYC was my daughter's 16th birthday wish this year too?)

Theresa said...

I have been longing to make a trip up there! Thanks for taking me along with you! That will be a birthday trip and will be remembered for years to come! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Lee Ann said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Beautiful pics from a dream date :-) those colours are breathtaking xx

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

What a great day! I have been to NYC in the winter and the summer, but need to go in the fall. The photos of central park are stunning :-)

Marissa said...

I enjoyed this trip. Felt like I was there too. Those Central Park pictures are amazing. How fun !

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

What a wonderful place to celebrate your daughter's birthday. My sister used to work and live in NYC and have been there several times. I love visiting Central Park too. Have a great week.

Pam said...

What fun! Your daughter will never forget this trip, what great memories for her!

Madelief said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful sixteen year old Leslie! Great photo's of you and your family and NY. Lucky you to be there this time of year.

Madelief x

Melinda said...

Sounds like a great way to spend an important birthday!
Great memories for you both!

Come by ans check out my latest post.

M :)

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Happy Birthday to your darling daughter and Congrats to you for forging such a strong bond!
the other MD Leslie

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Happy Birthday to your darling daughter and Congrats to you for forging such a strong bond!
the other MD Leslie

Melanie said...

OMG awesome trip!!! The photos are FABULOUS!!! :)