Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ornament exchange

A few weeks ago I entered a primitive ornament exchange hosted by Amy at Bumble Bee Lane.
and yesterday I received this adorable snowman ornament from Danice at Homespun Hannah's blog.   I've never been to Danice's blog before and Wow ~ I'm so glad that I have now...   she makes the most adorable things!!! 

Isn't it the sweetest little snowman ever!!   I just love it!!!

The rusty bells and pins are my favorite part.
I can't wait to display it..
  maybe I'll put it in my new stained corner cabinet..

Stop by and check out all of the cute homemade goodness at Homespun Hannah.  You'll want to hang out a while.

Happy Friday to you!!!


Danice said...

Thank you Leslie. 'So glad you like the snowman ornie. Thanks for the nice compliments about my blog also :)

Diane Lynn said...

Love the checkered snowman! Lucky you!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Glad you were able to join in! Warm Blessings! Amy

bj said...

That is sooo cute...I would display him all year long. Way to cute to store away.
hugs to I'm going over to visit Hannah's blog.

Brandi said...

Such a fun exchange to be apart of. Your snowman is so cute!!

Melinda said...

Way, way, way too cute!
How fun for you.

M :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Well done, you.