Sunday, November 9, 2014

More work and more pictures

Good morning friends.   
Happy Sunday!!!

Wondering where I've been...  I've been in the dining room!  
Really.. I have!!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on the "new" room..   We just love it!  At any given time, you can find Paul and I just sitting at the table.   There was still one thing left to do in that room and he and I had the same idea..   It was a great idea,  put not one that I was looking forward to implementing.  It was going to be a tough job.

We still had to decide what to do with the corner cabinet.

Here it is back in September.   It's a great little space, but one that I never really pay much attention to.

I bet that you are thinking the same thing that we were thinking...  That the cabinet would look best if it was stripped and stained to match the new table and the ceiling.
The thing is...  do you realize how many coats of paint I've put on that thing in the past 25 years ~

I seriously thought about cheating,  and painting it black with a top coat of crackle paint and brown.  It might have worked..  but I think that I would have still been dissatisfied.  

I should either invest money or get a job at the home depot ~  I spend so much time there that they know me.. they ask me what I am making or painting now?   That's not good!!  : )
My first trip to home depot was for some paint remover and a scrapper.   The paint remover was a sloooow process,  so I went rooting around in Paul's tools until I found his heat gun.   Yes!!  Progress.

I went through layers and layers of paint.  Blue, white, red, black, green, dark blue, cream..  
It was so thick that it came off in sheets.. like wallpaper.   This is quite possible the worst job ever!

Once I got to the point where my fingers and hands were cramped from holding the gun and the scrapper,
I took a break and went back to the Home Depot and bought myself a new sander.

God bless the sander!!!!   I could actually see the screws in the hinges now.  : )  

After finally removing all of the paint and doors.. it was time to have some fun!
I used a stain and polyurethane mix.

 Wooohoooo....   Now we're having fun!   I took Paul's suggestion and saved myself a lot of work by painting the inside of the window trim with black paint. 

My  hands are complete busted up and my knees are bruised from kneeling ...  
but look at it.. it's almost done and looking gorgeous!

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on it..   and of course, decorated the inside.

For the past ten years, the cabinet has been the resting place for my sweet mom's ashes.
Sweet mom...  lol,  she would laugh at that.  She was more like hell on wheels with a huge heart.

It's not perfect...  there were parts that I rushed through.   Did you notice that I cheated at the very bottom?   I kept burning the carpet with the heat gun and fraying it with the sander,  so I gave up and painted it white like the trim.  

How's it look with the table and ceiling?
 Awesome right!!!!

I also reupholstered the chest/bench (stapled new fabric down) and cut the corners off of it so that we'll stop busting our shins on it
This is a very important piece of furniture .. it holds all of the dog food.
 Lord knows.. we need a lot of dog food in this house!  : )

I mentioned before that when I painted the dining room that I painted the living room as well. 
It's a nice calm color.  I really like it. 
I ended up changing some of the wall decor ( just rearranging things that I already have)
and getting new curtains and blinds to match those in the dining room.

The wood blinds gives it a cozy feel.

Of course,  I left the air planes hanging from the ceiling..    but it did change this wall with the stars and the wooden plague.    I love how it turned out too!!

My christmas books have made it to the shelf already.   It's never to soon to start diving into some holiday happiness.  

It feels so good to get these things done..  it's so clean and fresh.
 However,  If  you saw my bathroom right now..   ughhh.
That's next on the agenda!

Thank you for visiting.
Have a wonderful weekend.  


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, all of that hard work sure paid off! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that cabinet and the way it matches the table! Great job on all the changes! Have a blessed day and rest a little today:) HUGS!

Wendi said...

Love it! I agree a sander is the best. I remove most of my paint/varnish with one. Paint removers are so messy!

Lets see you have refreshed the kitchen, living room and dining room... do you feel like you are living in a new place?! :)

Valerie Ratliff said...

Very pretty. Totally worth it. Hugs from Oklahoma

Melinda said...

Looking super good!

I wish I had your motivation to do this kind of stuff here. But after chasing kids all day my
motivation is nil and there is
so much else to do.

M :)

It's me said...

Love what you did with your it a lot......have a Nice week love Ria....x!

Madelief said...

You did a great job on that corner cabinet Leslie. It looks really good!

Happy week

Madelief x

Lynn said...

Everything really turned out great! Your dining area is beautiful and I bet this will be a special Thanksgiving-enjoy:@)

Angela V. said...

I just love what you did with the cabinet!

Carol Z said...

Everything looks so pretty and cozy. You're inspiring me to work on an old bookcase that needs some sprucing.

Melanie said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So much work! Bless you for sticking through with it. I would have quit right around the time I burned the carpet. Ha! Looks great. :)