Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zombie Meatloaf

First let me say that I love you all 
and thank you for tolerating my crazy love for Halloween.
I'm soooo sorry...
The feast that I'm about to show you is quite grotesque.
You may lose your appetite.

Ok.. I'm not that sorry.
I'm super freaking excited to show y'all this..
  In honor of my love for Halloween and tonight's Walking Dead season premier...
Here it is.. 
(last nights)

 Oh my gosh.. 
 it gets more and more disgusting every time that I look at it!!

Can you feel my excitement..

 Before you go thinking that I slayed a real zombie..
( although I do think that my daughters have educated me enough that I could kick some zombie ass)
This delicious Zombie head is nothing but a yummy meatloaf wrapped in bacon.

I know that I out did myself when Paul & Sally sat at the table and both said..

Yes!!!!  mom scores again! 

(and it really was delicious!!!)

Have a great day friends.

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Mila Myk said...

Oh my, that is freaky hahaha, loving it! I'm a Walking Dead fan too!

Love your blog - I'm going to stalk it from now on :-D
Thanks for visiting & commenting.

And Halloween theme song- the spookiest tune ever made- I always, always wanna skip forward the song

Blondie's Journal said...

This is hysterical...funny, I'm craving meatloaf now!

Jane xx

Liz said...

That is disgusting!! I love it!!

Lynn said...

Ha, gross but I know you loved it:@)

Jann Olson said...

Ewww, Ewww, Ewww! Now, I'll be hearing the song all night long. lol! This is literally to 'die' for Leslie! I think I would have fright mares just creating it. Hee-hee! Yup, mom did done good! Love it!