Sunday, September 21, 2014

Witch hats & learning to spend wisely

There are a few things that I miss about my old job at Michaels..
but the thing that I miss the most is making treats for the kids there.
They were always so happy and grateful.

So, When one of the girls recently sent me a link to these cute little witch hat cookies,
I knew that I had to make her some.

 How easy is this... 
Dip a hershey kiss into some melted orange chocolate
and add to the bottom of a fudge stripped cookie.

Another thing that I miss about that job...
a paycheck.

Since Ive stopped working I have had to learn to become more frugal
and spend more wisely.

We've cut back on several things that we were wasting to much money on.
 Groceries..   I can't tell you how much stuff that we used to waste.
I would buy so much and it would go bad before we used/ate it.

For the past few months I've been planning a biweekly dinner menu.
I don't designate a day for each meal since our schedule is always changing.
Each morning I refer to my menu and decide what will be best for that day.
This routine really works out.

After I scour my cookbooks and make the menu,  
then I compose a shopping list. 

I rarely ever shopped with lists before.
I would just aimlessly browse through groceries aisles while chucking any and everything into the cart.
 The results of that:
Very high grocery bills,
Lots of wasted food
daily trips back to the store where I would spend more money.

I don't do coupons...  
but I have learned to browse the sales ads to see which market has the best prices on the things that I need.
It's actually quite fun!

This last shopping trip was about $180.00 
for two weeks worth of  lunch and dinners.
( and that includes food for 3 dogs)

The total cost
 $12.85 per day!!!
We used to waste that much buying lunches.

What a great weekend it was in the Spoonful house.
Friday ~  Sally's JV volleyball team finally won their first game.
I was jumping out of my seat the whole time. 
The kids and coaches were having a blast!!

On Saturday Paul and I celebrated and enjoyed a delicious dinner
 at our neighbors 50th (surprise) birthday party.
She was super surprised and happy.
It was a lot of fun.  

And today..  Paul and I spent this gorgeous sunday out on our boat.
and yes...  in our tubes. 

Now.. I am in my warm comfy pjs, waiting for prince charming to fire up the grill.
Maybe after dinner,  I can talk him into painting my toe nails again.
Probably NOT!  lol

Hope that you all had a great weekend too!!

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Blondie's Journal said...

Things are looking good I'd love to jump into those jammies now!!

I know how you feel about the grocery bill. I'm pretty good and love to cook. I always tell my daughter to plan on some simple chili and hotdogs or grilled cheese and soup. Every night does not have to be meat and potatoes. I think the meat is what makes your shopping expensive. I know it sounds silly, but most families run out for fast food when they are think they are low...have a bowl of cereal or pancakes for will save tons!

Jane xx

Blackberry Lane said...

The witch's hats are cute and I love fudge striped cookies!

You are an inspiration with a grocery bill that low. The extra planning is definitely worth it.

So happy you enjoyed the afternoon on the lake.

Have a good night.

Valerie Ratliff said...

The cookies are look so good. Groceries are getting so high.

Glad you got to be on the boat today.

Hugs from Oklahoma,


Valerie Ratliff said...

The cookies are look so good. Groceries are getting so high.

Glad you got to be on the boat today.

Hugs from Oklahoma,


bj said...

those witchy cookies are adorable...

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Cute cookies! Congrats on taming the grocery bill, I know that can be a challenge:@)

Emelie Viklund Hermansson said...

So cute! :)

And yes, shopping with lists is a good way to save both money, time and energy.

Have a nice day :)

Pam said...

Good for you with the grocery bill and spending! I need to reign back as I see grocery prices rising higher and higher.

Love how you're all decked out for Halloween! Your blog is great and I love those hats and Zombie mama. Have a good week!

Kari said...

I love your Halloween theme!
I also love that I am on your Blog Roll!
That means so much to me.
Happy Halloween!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I always love your posts. They pick me up! I think I might just try those cookies while Im blessed to have some little monsters who'd appreciate them ~ thanks!

Melanie said...

Mmm...those are yummy!
Lists and planning can be a pain but they really do work. I used to do the Fresh 20 thing for a long while (they email you a weekly packet of a pre-done shopping list/recipes for nutritious menus) and it really did save us a lot of money. I should get back to it. :(

The Spooky Whisk said...

For me, I do coupons. Love 'em. But even without, I always look to save, save, save.

Well done you.