Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One last Island hop of the season

 Paul and I took the boat over to our favorite summer hang out on Sunday
~  September 14th
I say the date because we're so happy to still be enjoying lazy days on the boat.
(We've never gone out this late in the year)
.. and yes, would you believe it... Paul sat his butt in the cold water the whole time!

It never fails,  every time we are out there I find myself reflecting on our lives and the 24 years worth of Island trips that we've made. I think of all of the people who used to enjoy it with us.   My grandma used to love it!  She would put on her old swim cap,  dive in the water..  and we wouldn't see her for hours.   She grew up on the Chesapeake,  swimming in the bay was as natural to her as grand parenting.  : )   We  took our girls as babies.  Sally spent many afternoons napping in her porta-crib on the beach while Michelle and I built gulleys in the sand for her Barbie's boat.
So many great times to remember.   If I could marry Paul again ~  it would definitely be on our Island. 

It was only Paul and I on Sunday.   Michelle was home sick with a head cold and Sally said that she had to much 11th grade homework to finish.  ( Which I am sure she meant =  play games on the computer all day without her parents complaining. )
The weather was beautiful. He and I just hung out, talking, splashing and floating as we normally do. 

man ole man the water was cold!

I went in short increments while Paul stayed in the entire time.  He's crazy about the water..  but Y'all already know that.

As Baltimore was still hosting the Star Banner Celebration,  we were able to watch the Blue Angels perform from a distance.   Lucky that I brought my good camera along!
It was pretty darn cool!
The coolest thing..  which almost made Paul flip off of his raft,  was when they flew directly over us. 
He was coo'ing like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert.

Some of the leaves have already begun to change colors as a reminder that our lazy summer days are numbered.
I found myself feeling thankful again.
Thankful for this life,  this journey, and the beauty that surrounds me each day.

Have a great Day!
Remember to make someone smile.


Marissa said...

How awesome it is to have a boat and be able to make such wonderful memories!
I would love to one day be able to do just that.
Your memories sound so sweet you are truly blessed.
Xo Marissa

Valerie Ratliff said...

They sound like great memories. Good things just happen near the water. We spent the Summer's at my grandparents lake house and oh I miss it so. Glad you are getting to enjoy the Summer.

Hugs from Oklahoma,


Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Well, maybe the water could have been a little warmer... Enjoy:@)

Melinda said...

I bet the Blue Angels WERE cool!

It has been a great summer here too.
The weather held inth mid ti high 80's most of the summer, some 90's but no 100'.

Our trees are doing some changing
too. Hello Fall.

M : )