Sunday, August 10, 2014

painting and pondering

While I should be getting ready for another day at work..  possibly cleaning or preparing tonights dinner..
I am just sitting here.. relaxing and sipping my coffee.

I've been pondering about things like the upcoming school year,  my oldest daughter moving out,  job opportunities,  house projects,  Fall..  etc.   My mind is constantly spinning.     My job is good, although it's a bit boring sometimes,  the lack of responsibility is actually awesome.   I clock in and clock out..  and leave the worries to someone else.    Since I started back there,  I've been offered both a management job and a full time coordinator position and I've declined both.   I like my 3 or 4 days a week.   This week they asked me to become the paint instructor ~   if you remember,  I was certified as a paint instructor at Michaels but I never did it ~  This time,  I think I will.  : )  

I've been spending my extra time making jewelry and working on Halloween paintings..  

These infinity bracelets are sooooo popular!
 Soon I will list a bunch on my etsy.

And then the painting orders...  I had so many from last year that I never had time to do.
I've finally finished them and now have plenty more orders to paint. 
 If you want one..  Just sayin,   They are $30.00

And now.. back to pondering.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!


It's me said...

Love your bracelets....happy week love Ria.....x!

Brandi said...

You are a woman of many talents!!!

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' the football bracelets! Well, wrong team, but you know what I mean:@) Cool paintings!

Gina said...

Your paintings are are the bracelets! You've got talent there, Leslie.

Dee D said...

Cute bracelets and I only wish I could paint like you... Wow!

Melinda said...

So creative on both accounts.

Glad you are enjoying life.

M : )

Lee Ann said...

Fab paintings! I also love the infinity bracelets! Make sure you let me know when they are in your shop xx (and also how to find your shop!) x

Marissa said...

Love your paintings..
Do you have an ETSY Shop?
if not You need one.
you are talented!!!!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I should really comment more n tell you how much I admire your creations. L<3VE your stuff n agree you need to link to an etsy store! So what really nudged me to tell you how much I share your tastes? Your table cloth.. I have the same one! See? We have lots in common besides our name n state n love of family n pets n treats n decor n on n on! ;-) (Only wish I shared your talent. Mine are all craft fails!) Hope you have a great day at work. Wish I lived closer to where you work and could learn from you.

Melanie said...

Those are amazing paintings. And a total steal at that price! It must take so much work to do all those tiny little branches on the trees.

Ana said...

Love the bracelets and paintings Leslie. Nice job. Sounds like you'll be keeping very busy. In the mean time enjoy your coffee and time relaxing.


Valerie Ratliff said...

Love your bracelets and your paintings.


Michele said...

LOVE those paintings! My oldest daughter just moved out a couple of months ago. It's been an adjustment. I miss my baby!