Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer ReReads

I have a confession to make.
I am guilty of doing this thing that my husband makes fun of me for all of the time.
My oldest daughter does it too...  so I don't feel so bad.

Just like we can watch some of our favorite movies over and over again
We also reread our favorite books.

I have read Hawk O'Tooles Hostage atleast 10 times.
I read it every summer.

It's a perfect summer read!
Plus..  there's an arrogant sexy indian hero/villain that will keep you turning the pages.

Nora Roberts Chesapeake Bay seires is another one of my favorites that I am currently rereading.
Since they take place on the Chesapeake ~ they are the perfect boating books!

The next series on my summer reread list is the O'Malley Series.
I have only read the first few ~ many years ago
and they were awesome.
I can't wait to meet the O'Malley's that I missed the last time!!

What about you...
Are there any books that are so great that you have to reread them again?

Happy Summer reReading!


bj said...

nooo, no books to reread...but lots of movies watched over and over and over again. :)
Have fun with your books....I am going to watch a movie I've only see 15 times....:))

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I do this too - a favorite to read again every summer is Under the Tuscan Sun. I also like to re read the Outlander series books :-)

Theresa said...

Not me... I read once and not again! I should try that sometime:) Enjoy your Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

Gina said...

I'm with you, Leslie! I have ready many books over & over again. If I love them, why not? (my daughter does this as well)

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I'm guilty of watching the Die Hard movies waaaaay too many times! (All 5 of them.) My son always asks me "did they end differently this time mom?". My standard reply is "no, and I like it that way":@)

Blackberry Lane said...

Thanks for telling us about these books. I rarely read a book more than once but I might try it some time. Hope you have a nice week.

Melinda said...

I haven't reread anything lately
I do rewatch some movies and shows.

Right now I am totally engrossed
in a series by Mariah Stewart--
The Chesapeake Diaries. I am getting
ready to read book 6! You would enjoy
these characters a lot!

Read your previous post. Goodness!
I'm sure that was a tough day, but I am with Paul---enjoy your summer!

M : )

It's me said...

Enjoy reading from me...x !

Melanie said...

What is he talking about?? I reread books all the time. I'm always down for a reread of Jane Austen's catalog but I reread random stuff ALL the time because I don't remember them particularly well, other than knowing that I liked them. (See: The Hobbit and Remains of the Day just within the last few months.)