Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fried tomatos and bacon & the colorful kitchen chairs

 Don't you just love these polka dot shoes!  
I do!
I swear..  they compliment my personality perfectly!
I am polka dots and giggles ~ most days. : )

This funky photo is one of a few that I took for the cover of my new cookbook.
 Crazy Bitch Cooks
It is a fun book with lots of simple recipes..
  how many cookbooks have you read with the F bomb in them?
Like I have said in the book,  I can't always be a lady.  : )

The book has lots of pretty pictures and simple recipe's.

  it doesn't get any easier then this fried tomato recipe.

Fry bacon and set aside.
Fry floured (S&P ) tomato slices in bacon grease until tender.
Whip up a grilled Swiss and cheddar and you have made yourself one of our favorite summer time dinners! : )

 Speaking of summer time and dinner..
A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted more color in the kitchen 
so I painted each of the kitchen chairs a different color.

The color palette came from this basket of fruit.

However, a friend of mine was correct when he compared the chairs to my fingernails

What can I say...
Color makes me a happy girl!  : )

Remember to dance and make the most out of today.


Liz said...

Now thats a great pair of party shoes! My hubby likes all of those on his grilled cheese sandwich. Good luck with the cookbook!

Pam said...

Oh, lots of great colors here, happy happy! And I'm so happy to see you back, I missed you and hope things are going well for you. That plate of food looks delicious, perfect for summer! And those nails are the best! I love your sense of style as always and you brighten the day! Hugs

Pam said...
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Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

The cookbook sounds like fun and introducing it with bacon is an attention grabber:@) Also love the new chair colors!

Martha Dehne said...

Hi, I've been happily reading your blog for some time. You are creative and seem to be an awesome mom. Please don't take this wrong but, I have to ask...why do you feel the need to put the "f bomb" in your cook book? So many moms cook with their kids and will turn away from it because of that. I'm sure your with your talent your book would be just as successful without it.