Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October ~ yikes

Happy Fall!

I know,  I'm late!
I'm still having a hard time believing that it is October already!
Where did time go?

Things have been hectic..  or should I say.. normal.

I haven't even gotten around to decorating the front steps.
Tomorrow,  I am off and my agenda is to paint some pretty pumpkins for the porch.

The house is decorated.
It took a while, but it's done.

Don't you just love that picture?
I painted it!!
I'm pretty proud of it.

Speaking of cute...   These furbabies are the cutest!!!

This month I was honored with a 5 year service award at Michaels.
5 years!   Wow, time goes fast!!

Work has been great.
I'm still working out the kinks and learning,
and I really love it!

I hope that you all are doing wonderful and enjoying fall!
See you soon.


Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your painting turned out great, I love the hints of color! Congrats on 5 creative years at Michaels! Happy October:@)

Valerie Smith said...

I always enjoy your Halloween posts. You are a talented painter.


Cottage Making Mommy

Vanja Holm said...

I love seeing your house all decorated, it always looks so great and this time is no exemption! The picture is really gorgeous as well :)

Barbara F. said...

Your Halloween decor is great, love the paintings. Congrats on your fifth anniversary with Michael's. xo

Lee Ann said...

Tooth I love your Halloween spirit and I LOVE that picture!!! Xx

Emelie Viklund Hermansson said...

Love that painting! :)

Melinda said...

Great to see you in blogland! HAVE MISSED YOU!

Congrats on 5 years.

Your house looks festive as always!

M :)

Melanie said...

It's not Halloween without one of your decorating posts. :)
The painting you did is awesome! Just perfect.

Melanie said...

It's not Halloween without one of your decorating posts. :)
The painting you did is awesome! Just perfect.

M.E. Masterson said...

Great painting!

Diane Lynn said...

The house is looking great for Halloween! I love the picture you painted too. Awesome!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Just stopping by, sorry I'm a bit late, but it's still October (I can't believe it either) and I love your decorations!! Congrats on your milestone at Michaels--I hope you have many more creative and fun years there! :-)

Formerly known as Frau said...

I love your halloween decorations...you always knock it out of the park! Congrats on 5 years of service and loving your job! I wish I could say the same. Have a great week ahead!

Ana said...

Hi Leslie,
Long time huh? I know what you mean about time passing by in a flash. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello. Hope you are doing well... Congrats on you 5 year anniversary at Michael's. It would be so dangerous for me to work there :-)

Hugs and Kisses,

Kim of Mo Betta said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Come back to blog land :-)