Sunday, May 5, 2013

slowing down & catching up

Happy May friends.
Yes..  I am still here.

Sometimes I feel like life is moving quicker then I can keep up..
and every now and then I need to hit the brakes and take things one at a time.
One minute at a time..  one hour at a time...
I always feel the need to do everything...  and I love instant gratification.
And then what happens is that I get overwhelmed by everything on my to-do list and nothing gets done.

I really can drive myself a little wacky.
I am still working on finding that happy medium..   letting things slide.

The days have been busy in the Spoonful house and I have wanted to update my blog
but I have felt to guilty about not having the time to read all of yours.
That's not fair to you all.
I do miss everyone..  you guys always keep me inspired.

My new boss started a few weeks ago and he's a real ball buster ~  in a good way.
He seems to be pretty fair and decent..  which is why I said yes when he asked me if I could work more days during the week.
 It's a challenge learning to juggle home and work
 and all of the million things that I want to do in between.

Paul and I have found time to hang out.
It doesn't matter what we do...
 whether its out celebrating, enjoying our few and far in between lunch dates or just laying on the floor with the dogs,   I love when we get to spend time together.

Of course I have found time to set the tables..
again.. and again.. and again.

Today, the theme is watermelon.

There has also been lots of stress relief in the form of ice cream and alcohol.

I am happy to tell you all that Michelle moved back home already.
She said that she hated being away from home..
and we of course, we were glad to hear it.

These sisters are super silly!
Life is good when we are all home under the same roof.

The furry babies are doing well too.
In a few weeks Darla is having surgery to remove a cyst in her mouth.
Poor baby.

Remember last year when I was painting the house siding?
Well..  I am still painting.
Last week I finally finished the front and upstairs.
Sheeeesh,  I can't tell you how good it feels to be semi finished.

After an exhausting day of painting,
Cold iced tea would be perfectly served in these pretty new cups.
Maybe even a beer.
Exterior house painted is hard work!

And Finally,  Paul and I were able to take the new red boat out for a test run.
He was totally excited. 
Now, all we need is some nice weather.

I hope that you all are doing great!!!!
I can't wait to catch up with everyone!



Barbara F. said...

Painting your siding, you inspire me!!! Love those Summerville Farms glasses, super cute. Happy that Michelle is home, and hoping your doggie has a successful surgery. xo

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Good luck with your dogs surgery. Love the watermelon themed settings.

Blondie's Journal said... have a lot going on. We just love to hear from you whenever you have a chance. Don't let blogging become a stress factor in your life!


Debbie said...

Good to hear from you! Glad to hear that Michelle moved back....I would keep mine at home forever if I could! I hope Darla's surgery goes well and that you are having a great spring with summer and boating on the way!

Sandra Rowe said...

Love the pictures of the pets! How did you get them to pose for you!?

It's Just Dottie said...

I have missed you!!!

Maple Lane said...

Hi Leslie, I enjoyed this update and your photos very much. Sounds like you've been busy but in a good way. Visit when you can; I always enjoy reading your updates.

It's me said...

Nice to hear from you...i missed you darling !!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Hard to find balance I hear you! I'm glad you are all doing well and it's boating season.....relax! PS Ice cream and alcohol....same here!

Melanie said...

Poor Darla! That doesn't seem fun at al. :(

Love the watermelon theme - and those polka dot nails you snuck in there. I might have to do my nails up like that too. LOVE polka dots.

Don't get too stressed out with all the extra work!! :)

Julie Harward said...

I always love your posts...there is so much love in your home and family. Life is so busy for you right now, enjoy it because when it isn't you will miss it. Don't ever worry about not doing a post because of that...we all visit as we can. Have a great summer! :)

Sarah B said...

How nice to have all of you back in the same house. I showed the other pics of Paul's boat to Lyndon and he was very impressed. It looks like a lot of fun.
I have the same trouble keeping up with blogging. I enjoy it but when it doesn't happen I find it all a bit stressful.
Keep well xx

Ruby and Arthur said...

Your fur babies are adorable! Jean