Thursday, September 13, 2012

The little dutch girl and a final summer day at the beach

Oh no she d'int!

I did!
Since I will be busy this week sorting and planning the house Halloween decorations
I figured why not get a head start on the blog decorating too.

The seasons are changing quickly.
It's been a beautiful September in Baltimore, 
warm breezy afternoon turning in to crisp chilly nights
~ it's perfect.

Paul and I took advantage of this gorgeous day and took the boat out for a few hours on Tuesday.
There were no other boats or people around.. 
We were only greeted by
 the quiet sound of the seagulls and soft roar of the tiny waves.

The water was Cold!!
.. of course Paul got in anyway.
 (If you look closely, you can see him in his float)
Chicken to cold water that I am.. 
 I just skipped to the edge of the rock bed and met him out there.

As sad as I am to say goodbye to our beach and to summer,
I am officially waving hello to Fall and my favorite enchanted time of year
~ Halloween!  

Michelle is home from her trip to the Netherlands
and she had a wonderful adventure.

This is Marjo and Will.
Will is our neighbor (Seven's) nephew..
Which makes him Michelle's "cousin".

Will and both of my girls have always been close..
Even though he is in Holland and we are in the US,
they talk on facebook almost every day.

Marjo and Will hosted Michelle at their home and were her official tour guides.
They visited many towns, seaports, and museums. 
They were awesome!!!
Michelle already missed them.

In June Marjo and Will  are getting married, 
and we are all very excited.

Hopefully, if things work out, we will all be attending the wedding.

Michelle said that the Netherlands is a beautiful amazing place
and that she can't wait to go back!!

From the looks of her 1000 photos..  I  must agree!

Thank you for visiting

I am slowly catching up on my blog reading.
If I haven't been to see you..  I am coming!  : )

Have a wonderful Friday!



Maple Lane said...

Oh, I enjoyed your photos and your daughter's pictures from her trip. This is my favorite time of the year. Your blog background is great! Hope you guys have a nice weekend coming up.

Gina said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying these last beautiful days of summer. Also glad to hear your daughter had a safe trip & a wonderful time!

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Glad your daughter enjoyed her trip. I Ike the touch of fall to your blog.

Katharine said...

So glad she's home, and had a good time! I can't believe you changed your blog design already... but I love it! Where did you get it? I love all the matching icons!

Kelly said...

We're starting to have chilly nights and mornings here in the south too. I love your Halloween blog decor. It sounds like your daughter had a great trip, what a neat experience.
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Your blog looks festive!

We were actually in our pool today...the water is starting to turn a bit nippy! We didn't stay in long. I bet it wasn't as cold as it was at the beach though!

come by and say hi! Pat

Debbie said...

Oh, I bet she had an amazing time! I have visited the Netherlands and it is the best. So different than here. I am glad she enjoyed herself and loving your new Halloween 'look'!

Chris said...

I love this weather. I wish it could be like this all year round.
I am so glad your daughter is home safe and had an amazing time.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Glad to see you're getting a start on Halloween, the new header looks great! I'm still in the 'looking for something great to bake' mode of fall:@)

Theresa said...

Ahhh, I can feel the wonderfulness of the boat ride! I wouldn't get in either:) Hope you have an awesome day, HUGS!

It's me said...

Owww she is back home !! kust be happy from weekend...

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I am behind on blog reading too. I love your Halloween look. My favorite holiday.

Melinda said...

Well, aren't you the creative blog decorator? Cute, cute, cute.

I am looking forward to Fall too.

Glad Michelle had such a good time.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I knew she'd love it there it's one of my favorite places. Great pictures and have a lovely weekend!

Melanie said...

Love the new blog header. It's adorable!! :)

I can't imagine going in the water. Brrrr! I'm already wearing sweatshirts when sitting out on the deck so, no, no stripping down for the water for me. He must have an iron constitution. Or iron lungs. Iron SOMETHING. LOL

Laurel Stephens said...

How nice to be out saying farewell to summer on the water alone with some peace and quiet. Sounds lovely. Your new blog look is really getting me in the Halloween spirit; it's just darling! I'll bet you're glad to have Michelle home. I love it when my girls have exciting traveling experiences, but I'm still always happy when they come home safe and sound. Happy Autumn!

Sanhita Baruah said...

Congratulations :)

You've been awarded - The Versatile Blogger Award!