Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Orange and blue

Orange and Blue.

After temporarily throwing my leaf garland over the top of the blue cabinet I noticed something...
that I love the colors orange and blue together.

And I knew instantly that I was going to make changes in the dining room this year.
Instead of the creepy themed  Halloween decorations,
I was going to stick to a softer side of Halloween,  maybe even hokey.

I pulled out all of the orange and blue that I could find to set the table with.

Twigs and fiery orange leaves in  pretty blue pottery made the perfect centerpiece.

Silly orange and white polka dot plates top each place setting.
I added some blue plaid napkins with those adorable little jack o lantern napkin rings that were given to me a few years ago by one of my first blog friends.

Of course I wasn't satisfied unti there were crows.
Lots and lots of crows.

And paper bats

(Look out!  There is a large dog hiding beneath the table cloth)

This was the perfect room to display the little cross stitch that I made a few years ago.
I remember while I was working on it..  I got called for jury duty.
Do you know that embroidery needles are not allowed in the courthouse?
For some reason I knew that.. 
 and I smuggled needles in my penny loafers so that I could work on it while I was waiting.
I am officially a criminal.

Look at their adorable slippers.

I left the blue summer bunting hanging and added more orange to the shelf.
Don't you just  love the smile on the folk cat?

( and now that I have noticed it in the photo..  I have just removed the hanging lavender basket)

There is something in this room that may freak some of you out.
I hope not.

This blue cabinet holds a piece of my heart,
my mother's ashes.

Don't be alarmed that I decorated it.
I do it all of the time.
: )  I have to!!
My mom loved Halloween too and she would be disappointed if I didn't!

You see,  My mom was very ornery and had a fantastic sense of humor..
which is why I just try to keep it real.

Who else would have a Crash Bandicoot holding a rosary.
I admit,  It makes me smile every time I look at it.
( Crash Bandicoot was her favorite video game!)
She was a riot!

I feel like I am slacking off on the Halloween decor this year..
  I guess I am in the mood for a little something different.

Thanks for visiting!
Have a great Thursday friends!!


Debbie said...

I did not realize how well blue and orange went together! What a surprise. I really love how it looks. I think it is nice that you honor your Mom the way she would like. Great decorating as usual Leslie!

Kathryn D. Duke said...

You sure do know how to make a happy home...great decor!!! I love the blue too.

Katharine said...

Not slacking at all! It looks amazing. I love that colour combination, and I think it's wonderful that you decorate for your sweet!

Barbara F. said...

I have always love blue and orange, my favorite ball team's colors (NY) and I insist it is not fall without splashes of orange. No sirree, pink is not autumn! I love your table, and I lean toward more 'hokey' than scary myself. Your Mom would be proud. xo

Gina said...

I love your blue & orange table, Leslie! Those polka dot dishes are adorable. I've been mixing alot of blue into my Fall decor this year too. I just love the two colors together.

Karen said...

I never would have thought of pairing orange with this shade of blue. I really like it. Your corner hutch is darling. And I love the jack-o-lantern ornaments!

I'm sure your mom is pleased:)

Chris said...

LOVE IT!! What a beautiful room. I love fall!!

Lid Lifter said...

What a lovely table, I especially love the crows, thanks for sharing!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Love the little faces on your orange ornaments! I'm thinking I need some of them for my feather tree:@)

Theresa said...

Love it all Leslie! I am really liking those colors:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Mamaw Bee said...

Oh wow! First, you have some awesome decor. Second, loving the blue and orange. I need to rethink my fall decor. Third, please come decorate my house. LOL. As always, love stopping by your blog. You have the neatest coolest posts and really inspire me to be a better decorator.

Katharine said...

Hi again, not sure if you follow this or not, but I thought of you

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I love that you honor what your mom loved. I say whatever works for you. In no way is that creepy. But I just love this color combo. I want to keep more orange out in the dining room all year. Your table is awesome.

Julie Harward said...

Hi there, I am gone so much I am not blogging like I was, I appreciate your visit. I LOVE the blue and orange together, never seen that, love it! Sweet way to honor your mom too...have a wonderful Fall and Halloween! ;)

Megan said...

I love the orange and blue together, that center piece with the pitcher is gorgeous.

The Boston Lady said...

Well, I'm a little prejudice being a Florida Gator and all, but I would have love this color scheme regardless! They are the perfect compliment. Ann

Melinda said...

Looks great. Very festive!

Quieter but dramatic. Love the dots.

M :)

Melanie said...

LOVe it!!! It looks so so so so cool. I wouldn't have thought to put orange with blue but I love the way you have it.
I've never had jury duty (keeps getting canceled on me when I get called up) but........I would have snuck some needles in too! lol

Lee Ann said...

oh my oh my oh my I just ADORE the orange and blue! your whole dining room is beautiful. I am glad you keep your mama close and that you decorate with her for halloween! xxx

Lilly said...

That looks really great! Makes me wish Halloween was a bigger deal over here.