Sunday, September 2, 2012


My heart is beating a thousand miles a minute
and my mind may just be moving a little faster then that.
In just a few short hours Michelle will be starting her journey to Europe.

Destination :

                             Hoogeveen, The Netherlands.

Her passport is handy
Her bags are packed
and she is ready to go.

I sure hope that she knows that she packed her mama's heart in that suitcase.

I know that this trip will be amazing and that she will be in good hands with our dutch family.

Will you all do me a favor?
 wake me up when it's over!!


It's been a week filled with anxieties and nervous quiet.
High school has started for Sally and it's been a tough transition for all of us.
She is having a hard time understanding the hectic schedule and getting acquainted with the other kids.

To be perfectly honest...
It sucks.

I just keep praying that it will get better.

Like I said before..
Just wake me up when it's over.

That's what is going on here in Baltimore.

I hope that you all are well.
Sorry for my lack of blogging lately ~
I promise that I will be back with some posts this week.

Have a great Sunday


It's me said...

Hoogeveen !! o yes !! it is i think almost 1,5 our away from here......o my.....let her go mom...Holland is such a perfect land...why do you come with her ??? that you can stay with me from

Diane @ The Checkered Apple said...

I’m sending lots of calming thoughts your way and also a safe journey for Michelle. Letting go is never easy, but keeping in touch is. Luckily today we have the means to keep connected with our loved ones. And for Sally…one day at a time!

Debbie said...

Oh Leslie, she is going to have the time of her life! Holland is a WONDERFUL place with friendly people. Stay calm Momma, she will be alright. Many hugs.

Barbara F. said...

This will be such a wonderful experience for your older daughter, the younger one, well, high school is kind of tough. Just keep reinforcing how wonderful she is, etc. Other teens can put such doubt in your mind. I know, I went through it. We all did to some extent. Wishing you the best. xo

Madelief said...

Your daughter will have lots of fun Leslie! Holland is a lovely and safe country. I wish her a good journey and a great time in my country! Don't worry too much :-)!

Madelief x

Gina said...

Oh Leslie, hang in there! I can only imagine your anxiety for Michelle. I pray that she will be safe & happy while spending time in The Netherlands.

As for Sally, I have a feeling I'm going to know exactly how you're feeling in just 4 days. Middle school transitioning was bad enough for my daughter, I can't imagine what high school will bring. It'll get better for her, she just needs some time.

Theresa said...

Lots of changes for you... I'll pray for safe travels and adjustments in school! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Maple Lane said...

Wishing both your daughter's all the best and praying that God will give you comfort through these trying times.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I'm excited for Michelle what a wonderful experience! She will be fine Momma! I hope Sally new school has some kind of program that matches peers and helps the new kids adjusts. It's tough being a Mom it really is....keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lots of changes and excitement in your world right now! We always worry and want the best for our kids, but please be sure to take care of yourself:@)

Sarah B said...

Michelle will have an amazing time, just you see and all will be well. I cross my finers for Sally. It's a difficult time and fitting in can be a bit stressful. I hope she finds her place very soon x

Chris said...

Just breathe. The girls will find their way.

Melanie said...

Oooooo, what a wonderful little trip! I'm so jealous, like, for real. I would love to go out there. (One day. *sigh*)
Hope things get better for your other daughter soon. It is a tough adjustment and you put so much pressure on yourself at that age to fit in. I'm sure she'll get through it soon enough but that doesn't help to know when you're in the thick of it, eh? :(

Mamaw Bee said...

What an awesome journey for her to make. I can imagine how you feel. My daughter just flew to NY during her senior year for a three day Decca meeting and I was a basket case. I can't imagine letting her fly to The Netherlands. While praying for her travel safety, I think I'll stick in a prayer for your nerves.

Karen said...

Transitions seem to be as hard on us moms as they are on the kids. How wonderful for your daughter to travel to Holland! It will be an experience she'll remember her entire life. Good for you for letting her go!

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I am sure that Sally will be fine! They say that kids that have a hard time settling in often become the most well-adjusted. What a wonderful gift you are giving Michelle...I think travel experiences are so important! You will be fine Mama! Angie xo

Mo 'Betta said...

I'd be freaking out too if one of mine was traveling like that! It is so hard to let them grow up :( I'm def. having a hard time with it!

We just moved before school started, so my kids all went to new schools, not knowing a single person. I was so nervous for them! One started middle school (yuck!) and one is in 4th grade. (and then my preschooler...but he didn't care that he didn't know anyone!) Luckily, they had a great 1st few days, and now they really like it. whew! such a relief!