Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot summer days & lighthouse #3

I have a confession to make..
Usually after the 4th of July I start to get a little sad because I feel like summer is half over.
Paul, on the other hand,  feels that the 4th of July is just the beginning.
This year,  I told you all that I am going to savor every moment of summer
and I am doing my best not to think about school supplies, schedules and those dreaded tuition payments.
It has been a great carefree summer so far!

I'm sure many of you can relate
~ it's been Hot Hot Hot in Baltimore.
Today it is supposed to be around 105'.
Needless to say, if it doesnt' involve an inner tube and a splash..
then you can find us inside with the AC full blast.

With much inspiration from my stitching friends,
I had the urge to pick up a cross stitch needle.

My color palette was lacking so I tweaked it a bit.

I forgot how much that I enjoyed doing these.

 I lost track of the time and worked on it from start to finish.

and at some point, I lost track of the counting..


Last night, I went out and bought an array of pretty colors and a few cross stitching magazines.
Now I am ready to go!!!

There was no cross stitching yesterday since Paul and I took the boat out and swam all day.
I have been known to drag my jewelry supply box and stitch kits to the beach ~  not yesterday,
The bay water is 84' ~ we hardly got out.
The girls did not come, one was working
and the other one said that it was toooooo hot.


The kids from the sailing school across the river sailed  to the island.
It's always a little scary to watch them ..  some of the kids are so young!!

There were 23 sailboats ..  and two instructors on small motor boats.

Years ago,  we were on the boat out in the deeper part of the river and we saw one of the sailboats tip over.
The little boy inside fell out and was crying hysterically.
Paul drove over to him to help
and we were yelled at by the sailing instructor for helping.

It got a little confrontational ~ 

It was no surprise that Paul would help another one.
This time one of the kids got his boat stuck near the rocks
 ( where all of the snakes live)

There he goes.. on his float
Paul to the rescue!

Poor little guy,  not one person from the sailing school tried to help him.
I thought that sailing was team work.

sheesh ~  just when we thought we had no kids to look after.

There it is..  lighthouse #3
Another lighthouse that is part of the "Craighills".

The bay was much calmer and this time we were able to check it out.

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to go inside!!

There is an address above the door
~ 1873~
Which I am assuming that might be the year that it was built.

I think that it needs a mail box
~ wouldn't that be funny.

We are not doing so well with our lighthouse hunt
~ once it cools down a bit we will definitely take some road trips to see some more.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Stay Cool!


Gina said...

Your cross stich turned out so pretty! Nice & colorful!

Love the photos of the sailboats! The lighthouse is great too. Stay cool & enjoy your weekend!

Barbara F. said...

I can't believe the instructors wouldn't help that poor kid. Your cross stitch is beautiful, haven't done that in years. Probably my 20's! That lighthouse freaked me out, how would anyone climb in there? How far down does it go? xo

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your cross stitch is pretty! I noticed a big display of threads up front at AC Moore this morning! Stay cool:@)

Maple Lane said...

How fun to be out on the boat and see the lighthouse. Seeing those kids have problems in the water would distress me terribly - sad about the instructor's attitude.
Cross stitching was a favorite hobby of mine when I was young. I love your sampler. Hope you'll share your other projects with us. I enjoyed visiting with you today. Have a nice weekend.

Mica said...

Hey there found you through Sunny Simple Life! Nice to meet you. Just wanted to pop in and say hello, it's always nice to meet new friends!!!! Happy Summer!!! Mica @ The Child's paper

Melinda said...

Sounds like you have found some good ways to beat the heat.
It is HOT here too and I am tired of it! Next weeks temps should be in the "normal" range.

Enjoy your weekend.


It's me said...

Wowwww great post...enjoy a happy

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I do love cross stitching but have to admit to not being good at it...And when and if I ever need rescue, I hope that Paul is there, no matter what!! :-)

Enjoy your weekend, I love the lighthouse!

Katharine said...

I love your cross stitch! I just don't have the patience for it. Poor sailing kids...good thing you guys were there! It's hot here too..stay cool!

Debbie said...

Love the cross-stitch and that cool is that? I LOVE lighthouses. Poor little guy...I am glad your hubby is so helpful!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love the cross stitch project....I also cross stitch might have to look for that one. Paul is an awesome guy to have around...lucky girl and so are many of the kids he helps. It's hot here but no 105! I can't weird to have such a mild winter and crazy hot summer everywhere! Enjoy the summer...I'm with you always think of July 4th as the end soon....this year I'm slowing it down....or at least trying to! Happy Sunday!

Melanie said...

The cross stitch looks super cute and PERFECT for summer.
Great photos too!!!!

Pumpkin said...

Good for you Leslie!!!! Nice work. Never would have noticed the mistake if you didn't point it out ;o)

How awesome! Loved the lighthouse. And yes I agree, it would be neat to go inside...

trish said...

You sure live in a beautiful part of the country!!