Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is Thunderbolt.
 ~  Thunderbolt of Eastshire Drive was his full name
and he was my grandparents English Springer Spaniel.
Wasn't he a cute puppy?

I dreamt of Thunder last night.
Isn't it strange where our dreams take us..   I love to dream.
Recently, as I am trying to quit smoking ( and I am doing well so far),
I have the craziest dreams.
Sometimes the dreams are not so happy.. 
 so I will welcome sweet Thunder to my dream land any day.

That is my pop and I dream of him often.  
He's been gone for 25 years and in my dreams I can see every detail that defined him.
The smell of his hair cream,  the missing finger tips on his left hand,  the sound of his voice..
I like to think that those dreams,  are of our loved ones reaching out to us,  letting us know that they are watching over us.

Thunder hated..  HATED..  anything to do with grooming.
My grandparents had to sedate him before they could even get him in the car.

Actually, Thunder hated a lot of things...
But Thunder loved Leslie and she loved him.

Grandma called him Boltie,
Pop, in his Virginia accent, called him Thunda...
and for the longest time, I couldn't pronounce his name and called him Funder.

Funder and I shared lots of ice cream cones together.

That's me and Thunder ~
 I was 7 years old and had just gotten my tonsils taken out.  My mom bought me the pretty new robe to wear at the hospital.  There were pink fuzzy slippers to match it!

If you look closely..  you can see my favorite pillow

Thunder lived a good life ~  
I was 19 when he passed away.
 when he got sick, it was my very sad husband who was the last to see him.

In my dream last night, I took Thunder to the park behind my grandparents house.
The same park that pop and I used to take him to when I was little... 
 We were rolling around and playing on the grassy hill ~
only I wasn't a little girl anymore,
  I was the 40 year old woman that I am today and I was playing hide and seek with Funder.

It's had me thinking about Thunder, Grandma and Pop all day!

What a great dream!

Good night and Sweet dreams friends!!!


Gina said...

That is a sweet dream! Don't you wish all dreams could be so happy & pleasant?

Brandi said...

Leslie, this was such a touching post. I enjoyed reading about your pop and Thunder. Sweet dreams, my friend!

Maple Lane said...

I loved seeing your photos; such a sweet post. So happy that you had a good dream of sweet times with those you loved and who adored you. My sis in IN (I'm in GA) and I were just talking by phone and comparing dreams that we have.
I enjoyed your comment about getting donuts each Christmas Eve. That's another precious memory for you!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I love your photos and this post too. I always enjoy reading about dreams and yours have certainly taken you to a wonderful and happy time that is so very close and precious to your heart, just where dreams should!

Debbie said...

What a lovely dream....I think they are trying to tell you that they are watching over you!

Good luck on the not smoking...I quit on January 1st and haven't looked back. What freedom! You CAN do it girl!

It's Just Dottie said...

I liked reading about your sweet dream. It made me feel good.
Hugs, Dottie

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Awww! What a sweet post Leslie! You have an amazing memory and such a way with words! Couldn't you go back and just live one more day in your past then? I could! Angie xo

It's me said...

Owwwww so so so sweeet !!

Sarah B said...

Oh Leslie, what a gorgeous post, but it made me all teary! What a lovely pooch and what wonderful memories you have of him and your pop. x

Lily said...

What a lovely post - it has made me cry! I also like to think our loved ones reach out to us in our dreams where our physical lives don't get in the way. xx

Chris said...

Wonderful post. Such happy memories.

Formerly known as Frau said...

What a wonderful dream and memories of your loved ones. I know they are watching down on you all smiling and guiding you along the way. Have a wonderful day!

Fiona said...

Hi Leslie,

That was a lovely post.

We had a dog almost identical to Thunder and his name was Bentley
he lived until he was 16 and we were all devastated.
You become so close to animals and I think that springers are just so gentle.
Our guy would eat anything he was like a food machine!

I am glad that you have happy memories and that your dreams are good.
It is lovely when the ones we have loved but are now gone come back to us when we are sleeping.

Take care and good luck with the no smoking!

x Fiona

Julie Harward said...

Yes, dreams are a wonderful thing, how they can connect us with loved ones or loved pets. He was a beautiful dog! Hope all is going well with you...I have been looking at the posts I have missed here..such pretty stitching going on! ;)

The Boston Lady said...

This is such a sweet, heartfelt post. My aunt and uncle had an English Springer Spaniel named Derry. He was very naughty and love to bury things, like my uncle's much-needed glasses.

I too dream about my parents quite often, in vivid detail. They have both been gone about 10 years now and I, like you, like to think that these dreams are their way of letting me know they can still see how things are going here in my life.


Melinda said...

It is interesting where dreams take us.
Those are great memories for you.

Enjoy your day.


Sam said...

What a beautiful dream!


Mica said...

what a sweetheart. i would be happy to dream those dreams. I haven't dreamt of my beloved dog as a child...I got him when I was 10 and he died when I was almost 25 I would love to have a sweet dream about him, i so miss that critter. Thanks for sharing. I hope you'll dream of him again, I also hope you will quit that habit of yours. Years ago...I quit when i found out I was pregnant with my son...just never put one back into my mouth cold turkey! So glad i did. have a wonderful weekend. Oh and hey, I encourage you to paint...It was so fun to paint this week...I love the cherries one. I am done with my patterns and surly could be used again if you want me to send them to you. Alls you would need is paint, brushes ans an 8X10 canvas...Let me know!!! Mica @ The Child's paper

Catherine said...

Hello Leslie,
What a sweet dream! It sometimes happen to me and it's nice to wake up with such nice souvenirs.
Thank you for your visit on my blog,

Katharine said...

I'd love some sweet dreams! I've had crazy ones lately! I love reminders of the ones we love.

Mimi Sue said...

We have a friend who has a dog just like Thunder. Such a smart dog! It's fun to have dreams that make you think of the past. Mimi