Saturday, June 30, 2012

signs of July and another patriotic tree project

Happy July!

When the Paper rockets and sparkly garland hangs from the red chandy..
It is offically July in the Spoonful house.

I hate to say goodbye to June already..
but I am going to do my best to savor july.

There are little bits of red, white and blue tucked in all over the house.

The feather tree sits pretty on the porch

And shiny stars hang from the ceiling.

I love to decorate for the 4th of July.

We are not planning anything big or fancy this year, 
Other then our neighbor and Mother, we not expecting any company.
We are just planning to chill poolside with
 some grilled bugers and hot dogs , a few pasta salads and a little something sweet.

I am looking forward to a quiet stess free holiday.
No fuss..  no mess.
Sometimes I like it that way.

My hydrangia's are sadly coming to an end already ~
The gardens seem to be changing so quickly this year.

There is something about clipping flowers from my garden that makes me happy.
They smile at me every time I walk into the kitchen.

Oh Geez.. I almost forgot to show you Darla's fancy nails

Before you report me for animal abuse..
she loves it!
She gets even more prissy when her nails are done.


It's easy project time.

I found this ceramic tree at a thrift shop last year,
my intentions for it was to dress it up for Halloween.

And then this morning,  I woke up thinking about it,
and I was also thinking that I do not need any more Halloween decorations.
Ok,  maybe I do..  but not now.

This tree I thought, would be perfect all dressed up in red, white and blue.

So there I went..
outside with an arm load of glitter,  paint brushes and glue

Layer by layer I filled in the patterns on the tree with glue then glitter.

Little shiny bits would be a perfect touch..

And of course, 
A pretty red star on top to make it complete.

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the new Spoonful followers.
If you have a blog, and I don't already follow it..
Please let me know so that I can follow you back.

Have a wonderful new week everyone
Happy July!
ps..  Has anyone else been having trouble with using the spell check?
Mine hasn't been working for days.

~  don't forget to stop by and say hi to Elaine and visit some great simple ideas.


Barbara F. said...

Wow wow wow, Great job. Enjoy your 4th of July! xo

Gina said...

You have the most cheerful looking house all decked out for the 4th! I loved your feather tree & now your new tree looks so darn cute too.

Martina said...

Love the decorations. I wish my dog would let me paint her nails. :(

Debbie said...

Love the decorations and that ceramic tree?! Awesome girl! Have a great holiday. :)

Angela @ Call Her Blessed said...

my goodness...what don't I love?! Looks so festive & inviting. I'm a new follower =)

Diane said...

Love your new patriotic tree! Great idea you had to add the glitter to it. My spellcheck is not working on blogger either. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Have a relaxing 4Th!

Melanie said...

That tree would make Martha drool with envy. And then she would steal it from you, I bet. lol (She LOVES her glitter, as do I. :))

bj said...

Adorable little 4th tree.
I just signed up to follow..and now, I'm going back to some of your older posts.:)
Over from Sunny.....
xo bj

It's me said...

O my !!! Darla look too cute !!! from

It's me said...

You must be a crazy woman to do that with her....hahahaahahahha...i love you !!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

That's a fun 4th of July tree! I need to use more glitter, it just makes me happy! Lovin' that great red, white and blue tablecloth! I'd buy that in a heartbeat-enjoy:@)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love your house! You never disappoint in the holiday decor dept....I hope to put something up today! Darla nails are too cute! Happy July!

Sarah said...

Looks like you've welcomed July in style. I'm a fan of red, white, and blue! Thanks for sharing the joy.
Happy 4th of July ~ Sarah

Heather said...

Love the decorations! Love your blog!

-Heather Kaspar

The Boston Lady said...

You are the red, white and blue queen! Love all your decorating ideas and especially Daria's nails - don't know if my girls would sit still for that! Have a wonderful 4th! Ann

Danielle said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I know what you mean about June....I hope to really dig in and savor July as it seemed I just let June slip through my fingers. I love everything patriotic!! The dog's toenails were a hoot!!!

Madelief said...

Hope you will have a great time on the 4th of July Leslie. Your house looks like your ready for the celebrations. Enjoy!

Madelief x

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like your patriotic tree - what a cute idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

love the decor for Independence Day !
the tree clever. The Pups nails...sweet!


Crafty Gardener said...

I love all of your decorations for the 4th of July. Very festive. The painted nails on Darla are a "trip"

Have a Happy 4th of July

Yael from

Diann said...

Everything looks perfect for the 4th! And I love that feathered tree!

Honey at 2805 said...

Very cute and festive decor! Wishing you a very happy Independence Day!

I am know following you too! Hoping you will join me for Potpourri Friday! Link up beings on Thursday afternoon!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a fun post! Loved seeing all your decorations including your doggie. The rockets on the chandy though are really, really a cute idea.

Gloria said...

Beautiful decorating!!! You even got your sweet dog in on the fun...:)

Happy 4th of July to you!

Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

I love your blog :) Its making me smile this morning! Your dog with a pedicure...hilarious! I should do that to my dog just to see my husband's reaction!!!