Friday, June 29, 2012

perfect summer days and the Craighill lighthouse

A blazing sun, gentle breeze and cooling water
made this a perfect summer day.

We were out on the boat and kayak again.
I sat on the beach watching Paul and Sally paddle out into the bay.
I could hear their laughter from my seat on the shore.

I watched the birds,  the little mino's nibble at my toes and yes,  I watched the snakes.
I saw two snakes yesterday..  don't worry, they are small and harmless.

I sat there thinking about all of the great times that we had on that little beach.
We've probably been there 100 times and yet, it never gets old.

I watched paul, doing what he does.
Pulling the boat to shore so that we don't have to walk through the water carrying our blankets and coolers,
pushing the unbrella into the sand to give us shade,
cleaning the seaweed off of the shore with his hands because he knows that we girls hate it,
and then I was thinking of what I always think...

This man..   I've been married to for 22 years,   
This man..   spends his days and nights in one way or another taking care of us.

Here we sit at 40 and 50..  happily, still doing the same thing.

Trust me, Somedays he can drive me crazy..
which I am sure I do also ~

With this man...  I can't image my life without.
He is each breath I take.
A world without him would be a world without breathing.

I could do this for a thousand years.

We stayed out until the sun was setting
until the water sparkled like diamonds..
thats our favorite time to take a boat ride. 

We visited with some Sea Hawks as we went past..
This guy (below) is carrying a fish
and not very happy about us coming so close to his nest.

We were headed off to visit a few lighthouses..
but once we got our of the shelter of the river
the water was rough and choppy.

We did make a quick visit to our favorite light house,
One of the Craighill lighthouses.

Craighill Channel Lower Range Rear Light is one of a pair of range lights that marks the first section of the shipping channel into Baltimore harbor.

Built in 1873 ,
 It is the tallest lighthouse in Maryland.
At 105 ft its light can been seen for 16 miles away

Since the bay was rough
it was hard to get still shots of this gorgous lighthouse.

The Craighill lighthouse is not far from the island that we visit,
it also,  is part of our history there on the beach.

I'm sure I've showed you this before,
but many years ago Paul made us our very own Craighill lighthouse
by attaching a light fixture to our bannister.
I painted it, trying to keep theme with the color.
Now that I am looking at it..  It needs a touch up.

I wish you all many peaceful summer days like these.
Haver a wonderful weekend.


The Boston Lady said...

Leslie, what a lovely area and great pictures. I love that lighthouse out in the middle of the water! Have a great weekend. Ann

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love this post Leslie! It's summer days and the peaceful life and love of family....makes you really know how blessed you are....we all are. I love the simple things that make me happy and reminders like this post to appreciate and recognize the little things hubby do to show their love. Paul is a great guy...
Love the lighthouse cool! Happy Friday to you all.

Gina said...

This is such a great post! I can feel myself relax just from the photos & your words. Your hubby...definitely a keeper!

Brandi said...

Leslie (with tears in my eyes) this was such a beautiful post. The things you said about your husband were so special. I'm glad you have each other. Take care my friend.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

You have such a beautiful area to enjoy...lucky you:) Hope you have a wonderful holiday.


It's me said...

What a great trip you have seem like fun !!...happy summer love love

Sarah B said...

Lovely post Leslie! After you told me the snakes weren't dangerous I think I'dbe happy to float around with them. Different story here in Tas though :)
Have a lovely weekend xx

Katharine said...

Love this post! We're hoping to visit a few lighthouses when we are down this summer!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Love the banister lighthouse-fun idea:@)

Mo 'Betta said...

ahhhh, so pretty....makes me long for the beach!

Debbie said...

What a lovely post...such love in your words. Enjoy your weekend!

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

What a nice post Leslie! Love the love you shared about your husband! You live in such a pretty part of the country. I miss lighthouses...they are none in the province of Alberta because it is a landlocked province...they are only oil derricks. So not the same thing! Your pictures are gorgeous! Angie xo

Maple Lane said...

Such pretty pictures, Leslie. A perfect place to spend a summer day. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.