Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happiness is..

Happiness is :  Being married for 22 years!

Happy 22nd Anniversary to us!

Do you feel it?

My blogging Mojo...
It's back!

It's raining little sparkly rainbow polka dots and I am smiling and barefoot..
twirling with my arms stretched out.
This is how I feel today.
It is sad to say,
but I am filled with pure relief and joy.

Why you wonder?

  Because I quit the event planning job yesterday!

I know that you probably think that it is crazy to be so happy about quitting a job that I was so optimistic about.   Trust me..  I knew since the day that I started ~  that this day was coming.
 To describe how I felt about the job ~  dread.

I really want to tell you all about the kind of person and business that I was working for
but I don't want to bring that kind of ugliness to my blog.
 ...and Ugly is a nice word to describe it.

Although there was aspects of the job that were nice and I met a few very nice people,
but the negativity outweighed the good.
My family and I have made it a point to cut negative people from our lives..
I am not willingly going to expose myself to that kind of environment.
It feels good.

I still have my Michael's job and I have a few other things in the works.
I think that I will wait a few weeks months (enjoy summer) before I dive into them.

As for now
I have lots more time for our Summer list and lots more time to recover some creativity.

Wanna see what I found while celebratory shopping yesterday?

I  picked these adorable tea towels up for just $2.00 each.
I love the yellow one and the Sunshine Lemon Cake recipe sounds amazing.

As if I need more plates...

I just couldn't help myself.  These pretty paisley's had me at Hello!

The first thing that I did after quitting was meet Michelle at the Cafe/Bakery that she works
and we had a little lunch. and a lot of laughs.
She treated me to my favorite coconut macaroons.
Ummm ummmm.

Speaking of Michelle..    here she is looking all grown up and pretty for her Passport picture.
In a few months she is traveling to the Netherlands with our neighbor ( who is from there.)
The thing that she is most excited about,  visiting France and seeing Monet's garden.

Life is about to slow down for me a bit.
I am so excited.
The pool is open and the deck is almost finished being painted.

Did you  notice the little planter in the center of the table?

I am sorta anal about centering things.. 
 and I really wanted to keep my flowers on the table while having the umbrella there at the same time.

So I came up with the brilliant idea to turn a bundt cake pan into a planter.

Paul drilled some holes in it and then I gave it a quick coat of spray paint.

 we planted the flowers
and the little bundt pan planter that Paul called "blog city" works perfectly.

The siding and shutters on this part of the house are finished being painted.
sheesh..  only 3 more sides to go.

It is time to get a few things done around the house before we take off for another graduation celebration.

Happy Sunday!!!
Have a great new week.


Lilly said...

Happy anniversary! That was a great idea with the planter! I love the towels and the plates.

Shame about how you felt about the job, it's sad when the work environment is so that you want to quite the day you start.

Enjoy your Sunday!

It's me said...

Congratulations !!! with your anniversary !!! 22 years !! your post that tea towels are so nice ...did you buy two if them ???...o sad for me......hahahaahaha !! and a happy day from

Lee Ann said...

Happy anniversary !! Ours is tomorrow! Hope you have a lovely day. I feel a change of pace coming at work. I feel like I am drowning right now so something's gotta give. I hope this makes your life wonderful xxx

Shelly said...

Great idea using that bundt cake! Happy 22nd Anniversary as well. Sometimes the job we have isn't doing us any good, especially if you're dreading it every day. Changes have to be made. I can feel your joy through your words of quitting. Have a great Sunday!

Country Dreaming said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Paul!

I can hear in your "voice" how happy and relieves you are to not have THAT job anymore. It's nice to have this Leslie back.
Life is too short to work at a dreaded job! Good for you.

Enjoy your now found freedom.


Country Dreaming said...

Me again---LOVE THE PLANTER! What a great idea. :)


Gina said...

Happy Anniversary!

That bundt cake planter is genius! Yes, I'd say your mojo is back!

Debbie said...

Love it, love it, love the post!!! Happy Anniversary! Your happiness is heard through your post and I am so excited for you. Glad you quite the job, happy for Michelle, she will have a blast...I did when I went... love the bundt cake pan are on a roll girl and glad to see you back!

Debbie said...

Love it, love it, love the post!!! Happy Anniversary! Your happiness is heard through your post and I am so excited for you. Glad you quite the job, happy for Michelle, she will have a blast...I did when I went... love the bundt cake pan are on a roll girl and glad to see you back!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Happy Anny!!! Love your planter-great idea! And yep, I fully understand walking away from toxic jobs. Life's too short to be around nasty people. Have fun:@)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!*´¨)
I wish you many more happy and healthy years together!!

I know the relief you feel at leaving your job--I've done the same thing, and when I did, I felt an immense relief! You're going to have a great summer, I can just tell!! :-)

Sarah B said...

Happy anniversary! That's a great innings.
It must be great to feel such relief at deciding to leave your job. No job is worth the dread of having to go. Good on you.
The planter is such a great idea. You should patent it!

Chris said...

Happy Anniversary!
It sounds like you are making some great life choices. The negativity of other is such a bummer.
I love the cake pan planter.
Have a wonderful week!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Yay! I'm happy you don't need that negative vibe in your life! You are creative and resourceful you will fine your place. Place looks those towels! Can't wait for Michelle to visit Europe..I loved the Netherlands and Monet's Garden....amazing especially if you love his art. Such a great experience for her. Have a wonderful Monday!

Wendy said...

love that planter idea! Happy anniversary to you both!

Tami said...

You need to patent your flower pot idea! You could make a fortune!!

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...a big congratulations on the 22 years, that is just awesome! Good for you for leaving the job behind, you don't need negative people pulling you down! I love your tea towels and recipes..and that bundt cake planter is a fantastic idea! Have a great week Leslie. :)

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your bundt pan planter for your table. Your table looks similar to mine. Happy Anniversary!

I am also following you!

Brandi said...

Happy Anniversary, friend! Your deck looks great! The planter idea is pure genius.

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!! :)

I'm sorry the job didn't work out like planned. (hardy har har.) You are totally right though - that much negativity just isn't worth it. Kick it (or them) to the curb I say! You'll be better off in the end for it, I'm sure. Here's to better things in the future! :)

Katharine said...

Happy Anniversary! And aren't you so clever with that bundt pan? It looks amazing!