Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another random room

It was a rainy day in humid Baltimore yesterday.
The perfect kind of day to start out with confetti pancakes and whipped cream.

and the perfect kind of day to end with cleaned closets and Rita's Italian Ice.

I have been enjoying all of this extra time off of work.
I am finally getting that spring cleaning done.

A few days ago
I attacked the dining room, did a little rearranging and brightened the room up with color.

You'll see what I mean about color..
This is before, 
( my pottery barn copycat table)

Although I like the sea theme..  the colors felt muted.
The runner is burlap which I think is cool.
I saw the same runner at Pottery Barn for $25.00
~  this one cost me $4.00

I just wasn't crazy about this look.
I wanted random, rainbows and happy...

First thing first..
Down with the paper.
I know.. It's pretty and I did love it..
But that was last week.

Just so I am keeping it real...

When I get an idea in my head I just go for it..
usually making a huge mess along the way.

But the fun part is cleaning it up again.

As for today,
It is beautiful and breezy.
The perfect day to do some paining outside.
But I'm not gonna..
Cause I'll be at work.

Have a great Wednesday friends.


Brandi said...

You have a lot to do to keep you busy! Glad you're enjoying your summer break.

Mamaw Bee said...

I love the new look. The dining table is awesome.

Freckled Hen said...

It looks great! I love the yellow walls!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love all your rooms...everything feels like home! It has been so muggy here and grey and to color hair and run errands! Have a wonderful WednesdaY!

Heather said...

You've been busy! The dining room looks great!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your dining room looks so bright and cheerful! This is the time of year when I like a lot of pops of color. Love the table setting! :)


Katharine said...

Love the new look... you make me laugh, your the only person I know that can make ripping off wallpaper as normal and routine as brushing your teeth!I need some of your energy!

Country Dreaming said...

I wish our wallpaper would come off THAT easy ! Your changes look super!

Happy to see that you stopped by!


Debbie said...

Just love, love, love how you just RIP down that wallpaper on a whim! LOL So cool...sorry you have to work but there is always tomorrow!

Have a great day!

Gloria said...

Hi Leslie,

I think you did a wonderful job on the changes you made. Wallpaper has never been that easy for me to remove. It seems to stick like glue. I don't have any currently in this house. Our other home had quite a bit of it. I loved it though.
I love your blue glasses and your hutch. Very pretty!


Maple Lane said...

You have a very pretty room! I love the wooden bowl (dough??) you use as a centerpiece.

Barbara F. said...

You got me with those Funfetti pancakes and whipped cream! Love the yellow walls. I love lots of color, too. Thanks for stopping by. xo

Theresa said...

Hi there Leslie! It looks like you are having fun changing things up in your dining room! I love both looks but I also like to change depending on the mood:) Have a blessed and breezy day, HUGS!

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I work like you do but I do love to see it all come together. Great job. I love the pops of color.