Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday randomness

Happy Friday Friends!!!

I haven't done a random post in a while..
Hold on tight,
this random post is all over the place!

I thought that I would start out this random Friday post with this adorable mini rose / chicken planter.
I saw it at the grocery store last week and it just hopped in my cart!
I sure hope that I can keep the plant alive.

It's been a somewhat calm week here since I had a few days off to do things.

I bought these frames for a project that I am working on.
I am painting each frame a different color.
Of course, I will show you when I am finished.
( they are going to match the paper bunting that i made a few weeks ago)

Here are two of them
...more funky colors for the living room.

While we're outside, lets check out the flowers.
Can you smell the petunias?
so sweet.

The table is set and awaiting nice weather.

For some reason..  I have the urge to paint the kitchen again.
I guess it is a good thing that I have no time to do it!

You wanna know one of the great perks of owning a little dog..

You can bath them in the kitchen sink.

Fancy pants Darla likes getting a bath.

and she really loves getting dried off.

Mama's little cutie is all clean!

Sally and I have been working on a new puzzle.
It has been a long time since we've put one together
and I almost forgot how silly we get while working on them.

While working on the puzzle I kept hearing this strange knocking sound
and I looked up and seen the culprit  lurking just outside of the window.

Our neighbors cat was trying to get in to visit Pearl.

I doubt that the cat wanted to share a cup of tea with our sweet Dove.

no, that starry eyed cat just spotted his dinner.

Creeps me out that now we have to worry about the cat attacking the bird inside of our own house.

Hey boys... wake up!! 
Get the cat!

See what I have to put up with!!!

Hope that y'all enjoyed some of my randomness.

Have a great weekend.


Debbie said...

Love your randomness and that chicken rose container!! How sweet!

Lilly said...

I love doing jigsaw puzzles with my mum too, and on my own, but the really big ones is nice to do with somebody.

I look forward to seeing how your frames turn out! :)

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Yep, looks like the boys have everything under control! Lovin' your cute new chicken planter. Happy Weekend:@)

It's me said...

Hhahahahaha this post make me laugh !!!....happy weekend from

GardenofDaisies said...

Why of course the neighbors cat just wanted to drink a cup of tea with Pearl! :-) And I can see that having a dog that fits in the sink would be a plus! :-) Your flowers are really lovely. I haven't planted any in the outdoor planters yet, but maybe this weekend would be a good time. We seem to be about a month ahead this year. Usually I wait til the first week of may.

Sarah B said...

How cute does Darla look in the bath/sink? I wish I could just pick up Molly and bathe her so easily. She looks like she is licking the computer screen in the last photo!

Melanie said...

Awwww, Darla looks adorable all swaddled in that towel. Hee hee.

And I love the side eye that cat is giving your bird. YUM YUM he's saying! lol