Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yummy cake, 3 obsessions and a new slip cover

I posted this yummy cake on Pinterest and I had to share it with you all.

Umm Umm!

Not good for the behind,
but great for the taste buds.

All that it is a boxed yellow cake mix, baked and topped with crunchy peanut butter and melted semi sweet chocolate.    Add some crumbled Reeses Cups and you've got yourself a decadent cake that was simply too easy to make.

As my friend Andy Cohen from Bravo says,

Here are the three things that I am obsessed with this week.

1.)  Comfy tennis shoes for hitting up the gym.
Run Forest Run!
Gotta keep busy.. refer to #2.

2.)  Nicotine gum.

That's right,  as of  3 days ago I've been chewing the shit out of it and it is getting me through the worst of the nicotine cravings.
I keep asking myself,  How did I quit cold turkey 6 yrs ago .....

Don't know ~ but this time.. I need some help.
Hello gum.

and the 3rd thing that I am obsessed with this week is..

Isn't it great that we can see who visits our blogs, how long they stay and where they come and go from..

Just sayin!!

I've been a little slow showing you all the new slip cover that I made for the arm chair.
Since I don't really know how to read sewing patterns or use a sewing machine,
everything is done by hand.

In other words..
It is not perfect.

See what happens when mom is preoccupied with other things.
The kids make a mess!

It took me all night and a few blistered fingers to finish it.

It took me the other half of the night to clean up the dogs mess.

Miss Couch Potato is testing it out.

Yep, she says that it will work just fine.

Do you like this chair?

Found it at the Thrift shop. 
Loooove it!

Hope that you all have a fantastic Thursday!!
See you soon.


Julie Harward said...

That cake looks so good, I could eat it all. Good luck with the can do it! Brave lady to do the chair, way to go, and it looks beautiful. :D

Katharine said...

I gave up sugar for Lent. I repeat, I gave up sugar for Lent. Now I have to wait a long time to try that cake :(
I love the slip cover!

Lilly said...

That slip cover looks really nice Leslie! That's amazing that you did that by hand!

Gina said...

Oh my goodness Leslie, your slip cover turned out great! I would never believe that you didn't use a sewing machine. You are talented!

It's me said...

You mak me hungry with that cake!! the new stool cover....and your sweet dogs !!! you !!

Sarah B said...

Oh that cake looks sooooo naughty!
Your chair cover looks great. It must have taken a while with the handsewing. That mess on the floor made by your pooch is a familiar sight at my place :)

Tami said...

You are very talented. Where in the world do you find the time??? Girl, I need you energy!

Chris said...

You did a great job with the slipcover! It looks great.
The passed out puppy pic makes me smile!! I had to show it to my husband. We were trying to figure out if that was a fence post or what!?
The chocolate cake looks great but isn't on my diet :(
Congrats on the quitting smoking!

Formerly known as Frau said...

That cake is the devil.....I'm going to just trust you that it is that good! Good luck with quit can do steps!
Slipcover....hello awesome job! You are so brave to take that on I only wish I was a master seamstress! Have a wonderful day!

Thrift store find 2 thumbs up!

It's Just Dottie said...

Great job on the slipcover!!!

Debbie said...

That cake looks delicious! I quit smoking on the 1st of January and it does get easier. The first few weeks I wanted to kill everyone but now it is only mild anger...LOL. Hang in there! The slipcover looks great and that chair is GORGEOUS!!!!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, Leslie, that cake looks delicious! I have to say, though, I am afraid to make it because I probably wouldn't have the willpower not to eat it all!!

Melanie said...

I may have just fainted from the sight of that delicious cake topped with my most favorite candy ever - peanut butter cups. *swoon*

Nezzy said...

Mmmmmmm Miss Leslie, I'd share a piece of cake like that one with ya any day of the week.

Your slipcover is simply charmin' sweetie!!

Woohoo and kudos to you for gettin' healthier!!!

God bless ya and have a sunshiny kinda week!!! :o)

GardenofDaisies said...

What a cute slipcover! i love eyelet!