Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Turning my blog PRIVATE, some pretties and Pearl


What a week!  I started the new job and it's very ...  interesting.  I can't tell you that it is going good or bad,  it's just going. There are aspects that I both love and hate about it.   I am trying to learn the ropes ( and there are many)  but  I require strict structure and this job is anything but,  it's all over the place.   I guess time will tell.  

After much contemplation, I am sad to say that I've decided to make this blog private.
There are a lot of things and pictures that I want to share but no longer feel comfortable doing so.
It has gotten to the point where I don't even want to update any more.

It will probably take me a little while to switch it over
so please, if you want to continue to visit the Spoonful Blog
leave me your email address so that I can add you to the list.

I finally put out some Easter decorations.
Not to much,  just a few things tucked in here and there.

Pearl say's hello.
He really needs his nails cut but I hate doing it.
I wonder if his mother would be mad if I painted them.

I see that Pearl has his Easter decorations up too.
( actually I think that those egg stickers have been there since last year)

Look at these BEEEautiful dishes that I found last week.

I can't wait to serve some summer lunch on these gorgeous plates.

I will be back with a better post soon.

Hope that you all are doing fantastic and having a happy start to spring.
See you soon.


Gina said...

What pretty Easter vignettes and I love your new dishes!!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

A new job is always stressful! Bee sure to take care of yourself:@)

Lilly said...

I would love to keep visiting your blog if that's okay, although if you'd rather just have people that you know in real life visit it I can totally understand that. But if I can keep reading it then here is my e-mail: lillywood@gmail.com
Take care!

Julie Harward said...

As you know, I just went private too so I really do understand. I love your new dishes, I am crazy about bees and hives. (julieharward@gmail.com) Good luck with the new job! ;)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I know I've not been following you that long, but I've gotten a little attached to you and would love to keep following you, and seeing more of your great pictures and what you are up to in your corner of the world! :-)


Debbie said...

I would love to continue to follow your blog Leslie (mrfixyouup at yahoo dot com).

I LOVE those dishes! Just adorable! Take the new job one day at a time and I hope it becomes a perfect fit.


E-Lo said...

Hey, you better include MRS Buttaffuco from New Yawk

Country Dreaming said...

New jobs are tough to get used to, but I bet this will straighten out soon.
The bees are adorable!
Yes, please put me on the list.



All That Glitters said...

Love your bee dishes!!!

Make sure you add me! Here is my email

allthatglitters2009(at) yahoo

I know exactly what you mean.

Love ya!

bella said...

I really enjoy your blog and would love to continue seeing it. My email is luv2read90045@yahoo.com

It's me said...

Hi Leslie....a new job is so great !!!....i will of course follow your private blog.......wijenons@gmail.com .......have a nice day...love from me....xxx...

Sarah B said...

Hi, you found a little frazzled but it does take time to get settled in a new job. If love to continue reading your blog :)

Sarah B said...

Whoops, I meant "sound" not "found" x

Jemm said...

Pretty decorations Leslie! Sorry to hear you're going private. Here is my email address: jemmsblog(at)gmail(dot)com
Take care.

Formerly known as Frau said...
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The Working Home Keeper said...

Good luck with the new job! I would love to keep reading :)

jinxdinx {at} bellsouth {dot} net

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

LeeAnn said...

Hang in there Leslie!! It will almost be boat weather! ;-)

I am looking forward to reading all of the posts you are working on in your head.

Good luck with your new job, sounds like it is perfect for you.

leeann.fraser@btinternet.com I can't even consider being left out! lol xx

Melanie said...

I have that same little bee hive! I think I got it at Hallmark this winter? It's super cute and you know, with the husband being a beekeeper and all, that I can NOT pass up a good bee hive trinket. The plates are gorgeous! So so so perfect!

I would love to be added to the list! (I'm pretty sure my email is attached to the comment notification?)

Tami said...

Leslie, I know I haven't been following you that long, but would like to be included. (I don't know if you are considering family only). I really enjoy looking at the pretty things you do and find. It inspires me to make my surrounds that much more happier.


Mamaw Bee said...

Love the bee dishes since I am Mamaw Bee. Too cute! I would love to keep reading your blog. Add me at mamawsplace@gmail.com. Thanks bunches.

Karen said...

Lovely spring post. The dishes are so precious. I'd like to keep reading, too! I'm at shellseeker1958@msn.com.

Tracey said...

I would love to be able to keep following you to keep up to date with all of your crafty, decor stuff, etc. :^) Thanks!


Pumpkin said...

Love seeing all the Easter decor! Those bee dishes ARE fabulous and luck you to find them :o)