Monday, January 30, 2012

random post

 The cold that I have been avoiding for over a year  has finally caught me.  
  The past few days have been a haze of  fevers, hot tea and lots of wadded up Kleenex.

  Michelle has made sure that I have a plentiful supply of delicious peppermint tea and chicken soup from the Cafe that she works at.    It's been a lifesaver!

Today,  I am up,  moving around.  I even pushed to vacuum.   What I really need to do is shampoo this carpet and furniture.    Maybe tomorrow.

The Internet was installed on Thursday,  it works good..  but Comcast did a lousy job installing the cable wires on the outside of the house.   We are very unhappy with the service thus far.   Not a good sign.

The main water drainage pipe rusted and broke and now when you shower or wash dishes all of the water ends up on the basement floor.   Thankfully it is in the utility area close to the floor drain.    Paul is trying to fix it today.  

I finally sent an email inquiry to a company that I have wanted to work for for a long time but was to afraid to do it.    It is time that I stop dreaming about it and do it!   Now,  keep your fingers crossed that they contact me.  

I have a confession to make.
Have I told you about this love affair that I am in? 

Yes, as much as I try to fight it,  I am madly in love.
I just can't keep my eyes and hands off!
It has been going on since December and we're inseparable. 
We're always in bed together,  snuggling up on the sofa,   you can even find us sneaking around in parking lots and restaurants.

His name is  Mr Kindle Fire.

 It is 7 1/2 inches,  small enough to fit inside of my purse yet large enough for me to enjoy the screen.     
It had me at hello.   I purchased two kindle fire's for my daughters  for Christmas,  and then after playing with one, I decided to keep it and give the youngest daughter a laptop instead.  ( She will need the computer for high school next year anyway).   Both Michelle and I love our Kindles so much that Paul wanted one too..  so we got him one.      

On the kindle I can visit my favorite blogs and websites.

Watch my favorite movies

and those guilty pleasure television shows that I missed.

I can read great books without my reading glasses
(since I make the font very large)

I can log in my daily calorie count and read and write email.

I can play a some of my favorite games like bejeweled, farkle and solitaire.
Although I have been weening myself out of them,  I can check my Twitter and Facebook.

and I can watch the live web cam action at our favorite Florida beach.

 Mr Kindle,   I love you!

Here are a few more random things from around the house.

I found these awesome reversible place mats at Tuesday Morning last week.   Flip them over and they are red with white polka dots. 

And this little truck..
That reminds me of my grandfather's old green one.
I can just hear the horn now...

The paper whites that Michelle gave me for Christmas are budding.

I have had this little picture for a while.
One day , My old boss handed it to me ..
"Tinkerbell,  This has your name written all over it!"

I have to admit,
It was perfect for me.

Pearl says Hello.
He is mad with me this morning, 
Since his mother Michelle has to work he is resigned to his cage this afternoon.

Last week I made Sally some of her favorite Chocolate covered marshmellows and oreo's.
Needless to say,
The plate is empty now.

Can you tell that I love animal prints?
The coat in the center belonged to my grandmother.
I am guessing that it is from the 60's.
It's my fav!

I think that is enough randomness for one day.
I hope that you all are well and having a great start to this new week.

I can't believe that it is almost February.
It will be spring time before we know it.



Julie Harward said...

I love your header...and this random post, they are the best! I may have to get me Mr. Kindle, sounds awesome! Love the treat plate, yum! Have a great week, and get well! :D

Tami said...

I have a Nook and I keep it with me where ever I go. I LOVE IT! I don't know the difference between Kindle and Nooks. They seem to do the same thing.

Brandi said...

Hope you're feeling better! I had the flu last week. I had no idea you could access so much with a Kindle. My daughter would love to have one. PS. Everafter is one of my favorite movies too!

Pamela said...

I love your kind of random. I'm hoping you're completely well soon. I have your new love's twin and am happy with it, too!

The Working Home Keeper said...

My husband got a Kindle Fire for Christmas from my MIL. The kids and I have enjoyed playing with as well!

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

Formerly known as Frau said...

Hope you feel better soon...I've been fighting something and having a absolutely shitty day! Just want to curl back in bed and start over!! Love your new place mats perfect for all your red. My hubby has a kindle and he loves it too! Good luck with the job I hope they hire you!

Katharine said...

We got David a Blackberry playbook but I love it! He got me a kindle touch, and I love reading my books on it! So sorry you're sick, if I was closer, I'd bring soup!
Have a great week!

Gina said...

I enjoyed your post of randomness. Sometimes a little of this & that is just fine. I hope you're feeling better soon!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! The only good thing about a cold is it helps you appreciate how good you feel when you get better. Lovin' the Happy Everything picture! Wishing you the best of luck with the job inquiry:@)

Pumpkin said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Take it easy and rest.

Good for you! Fingers crossed that you hear something back :o)

LOVE the antique truck. I want the real thing though. LOL!

My Life as A Plate said...

I got a Kindle Fire for xmas and LOVE IT!!! It really does everything, I couln't agree more.

Jemm said...

Leslie, I hope you are feeling better soon. I have a Nook Color and love it too. I like your font-it's cute. Take care.

Melanie said...

So sorry to hear about your cold and house troubles. Hopefully it will all be set to right soon soon soon!

I love my Xmas Kindle too! I got a trial subscription to Vanity Fair and it is so intuitive, thoughtful and, well, brilliantly done on this little machine I may never go back to paper ANYTHING. lol My guilty pleasure this week with the Kindle is propping it up in bed and watching a eppie or two of Nip/Tuck off of Netflix before I go to bed. I'd never watched that series before and it has a 'quite' impressive 100 episodes to catch up on!
Love the animal print coats!!! Meow.

Catherine said...

hope you are feeling better soon! i was not too well either.

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