Friday, December 9, 2011

a little bedroom tour, yummy pretzels and some BFF's

Good Morning Friends.
Happy Friday!

What a week...
Are you all out of your minds busy?
I just can't seem to catch up with anything.

I did get a chance to put my Christmas linens on the bed
and add some minor Christmas decorations to our bedroom.

This room really needs a makeover.

Since my mom loved snow
it is only fitting that she is in a snow globe.

The sled on the wall ~ is always there ~
and belonged to Paul when he was just a boy.

  This room is cozy and neat..
until you see the big picture.
There are flaws and things that need mending.

Our roof started leaking this fall
and now the ceiling needs to be replaced.

This spring the whole room is getting made over.
It's actually going to shrink a bit as we add a little hallway to the entrance of our attic.
I'll take y'all up on the 3rd floor soon.
I have slowly been clearing out the junk collection up there.
Eventually I am going to make a little sitting room for Paul and I.



How yummy do these look?

I got the idea and instructions from my Cousin in Law, Katharine

Thanks Katharine
...  they are as easy as they are delicious.

I ran out of M&M's!

I will leave you all with some sweet pictures of some best friends.

(Can you see Darla's fancy Christmas toenails)

Darla is now 8 and Sharky 3
and they play and fight all day long.

until they get sleepy

Three years ago this week
we brought this sweet Golden puppy home
and he and Darla have been best pals ever since.

Stymie the lab..  he's more of a loner and prefers to sleep in our bed with us! 

Have a great weekend everyone.


Gina said...

Your bedroom looks warm, cozy & ready for Christmas. A leaking roof is such a pain. We've had our share here, so I completely understand. Have a nice weekend, Leslie!

Brandi said...

Sorry for your leaky roof. Glad you are able to get everything taken care of soon! I love your dogs! They are so cute! Your bedroom looks nice and cozy! What a great room to relax in! Love your holiday decorations too!

Tami said...

Your bedroom looks like something out of a country magazine. Do you have a farmhouse? I was wondering because of the radiators. We have a home that was built about 15 years ago and I miss our old home with the "farm house" features. Even with a leaky ceiling, I still love the comfy feel you have.

Katharine said...

So sorry about the roof! The room looks so cozy! The pretzels look great! Fun and easy right?!
happy Friday!

Pumpkin said...

I love the quilt on your bed!!!!

Oh yum! I could eat the whole batch ;o)

Cute pictures of the critter kids. TFS :o)

Formerly known as Frau said...

You're bedroom looks so warm and festive. Mine needs a makeover big time!! Love the new puppy too cute..all your pups! We are wondering how Sophie would do with a puppy around....she is a bit of a momma's girl!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh I think your bedroom is very cozy and you didn't have to show the ceiling. That is called editing or cropping or in my case I just don't put it in the picture since I am too lazy to edit my photos.

Heather said...

How cute your dogs are! Mine will never snuggle together.

It looks as though your bedroom has great potential! It already looks so warm and cozy...

It's me said...

That toenails !!! must be a crazy woman to do thet with your dog !!!!! you !!!

Sarah B said...

I've never thought of decoratingt he bedroom for Christmas. It looks so cosy, despite the ceiling.
Love the pics of your pooches, they're so cute :)

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I love the bedding Leslie! It makes the bed look so pretty & special! I can't wait to see your makeover in the Spring! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

Michele said...

Your bedroom is adorable. Very cozy. There are so many things around my house that need fixing. You're not the only one. I saw those pretzels on Pinterest and have wanted to make those. I bet they are yummy! They look very pretty and festive.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your bedroom looks warm and cozy, Leslie!

Have a lovely time gearing up for Christmas xxx

Country Dreaming said...

Your room looks great! A brave woman you are to show us your
bedroom. I wouldn't do that at all our poor room sometimes looks like
a dumping zone.
I didn't realize you were related to Katharine--cool! i blog with both of you. Small world!

Take Care.