Monday, October 3, 2011


Hi Friends!!!
Happy October!

Gosh, it's been crazy around here in the spoonful house
and I am so far behind on ....

 This first weekend in October was fantastic!!!
Remember back at Valentines day I bought Paul those Nascar race tickets,
well..  this was the race weekend and we had a blast.

First, I should tell you that this is the first time in almost 20 years
 that he and I have been away from our girls over night. 
Crazy, I know..
but we pretty much do everything with them.
The hotel that we stayed at was in Wilmington Delaware and it was a great little town.
We had a great dinner, a few drinks, and even went shopping at Michael's ( I love visiting other Michael's stores)
It was a wonderful date night!
 The next morning it was off to the races..

Although the skies were ugly and the weather was chilly,
Paul and I got an early start and loved our track side tour.

He was in heaven as he stood on the track near the start/finish line!

Here I am..  all bundled up!!

Our seats were at turn 4 ~   and believe it or not,  the rain held off and we got the whole race in.

Paul's favorite driver, #88 Dale Jr.  didn't have a great day.

But my favorite driver #22 Kurt Busch ( the one Paul hates) had a fantastic day..

And Won!!!

I will be back soon to tell you about a very cool Halloween blog and link party that I have joined,
But right now, the family is waiting for me to take my turn at the Wii Bowling.

Have a great night everyone!
I made you all some yummy cookies.

See you all very soon!!\


Blondie's Journal said...

It looks like you had a blast, Leslie! I think the weather doesn't matter when you are having fun! The skies do look a little ominous, but I'm glad the rain waited.

20 years without getting away from your kids? Wow! Let us know how THEY did!!


Karen said...

My husband would love something like this! And, from your pictures, I think I would like to see it, too. I'm not a big racing fan, but it looks exciting.

Gina said...

I'm glad you had a good time. With those skies, I'm also glad the rain held out for you.

All That Glitters said...

who hoo! my hub likes Kyle!

Katharine said...

So glad you got some time away together! Sounds like a lot of fun!

Heather said...

Looks like you two had a fun weekend! I know what you mean about leaving the kids. When my husband and I traveled to NYC, we realized we hadn't taken a trip alone in a very long,long time! We decided that we should get away more often, and so should you! Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Country Dreaming said...

What a great trip for the both of you. Each got to do things they liked. Glad the weather held off.


Sarah B said...

What fun! Lyndon would have loved this and I don't think I would have minded it either. I don't know your hubby's fave but I do know of yours. Being an Aussie we'd have to go for Ambrose (think that's him).
Glad the rain held off for you :)

Sarah B said...

Ps Lyn watched this race this morning on tv. How cool to know that you guys were there!

It's me said...

What a fun !! like your post nice to see......lovely from me...

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I thought of you as I watched the race recap in ESPN, glad your guy won:@)

Lilly said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, congratulations on "your" car winning!

I like your new header/banner and background by the way :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

Awesome pictures....glad you both had a great time. I can't believe how threatening the weather looks and it actually held!

Those cookies look delish....I'm a candy corn lover...what kind of cookies are they??

Have a great day!

Jemm said...

I have never been to a Nascar race. We have a track near Kansas City and there is a huge shopping area near it and you can hear the roar of the cars on race day. I bet it's pretty exciting. Your cookies are cute and look so yummy :)

Julie Harward said...

A guy's dream come true for sure! Looks like fun! ;D

dgenetaylor said...

Oh, that looks like fun. I know how that is, my hubby and I have had very little time away from the kids -- kind of crazy when you think about it. Love your Halloween header.

Pumpkin said...

Glad to hear and see that you had a great time :o)

Melanie said...

Totally jealous!!! I've always wanted to see a race there.