Monday, May 30, 2011

The window inside and the diva

It is a hazy and hot 97 degrees outside.
I am grateful to have the cool house and a long list of magazines and blogs to be inspired by as we wait out this mini heatwave.

With it being a beautiful warm holiday,
 we weren't about to take the boat out and try fight the crowds on the water.
We're spoiled and prefer to go out on week/work days when we have the little island all to ourselves.
Besides, we have our work cut out for us as we try to clear up this green swimming pool.

Isn't this old window pretty?
I paid $7.00 for it many years ago.
My husband would call it junk but he knows not to mess with it
..since it is one of my favorite things in this house.

I love dressing it up.
I especially love to decorate it for Halloween.
.. but of course I love to decorate everything for Halloween.

I recently purchased the green lantern at Pier 1 Imports for $15.00
and attached a plant hanger to the window to display it.
There is a battery (timed) candle inside and it is beautiful at sundown.

After playing outside in the freshly filled / very cold baby pool
Little Darla Lewinsky found a warm sunny spot inside to dry off.


She's such a diva dog
See her bling... 
 that is her Sexy Face Darla necklace and she gets mad when we take it off of her.

I've been slacking off on the toe nails.
She told me that she wanted them painted in patriotic colors for the holiday
~ but I forgot!

 It's no wonder she is mad at me.

~ as for how I will be spending the rest of  this holiday evening..
 I have a date with some diva toe nails
and some crazy New Jersey Housewives.

Have a great Tuesday Friends!!!
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Pumpkin said...

No wonder the Diva is upset! I think her nails should have been painted too ;o)

La said...

I love your window. I bought one at a flea market last year and it is the focal point for my bedroom.

I hope the heatwave is short lived. I'm melting...

Susan said...

It has been 95 degrees in Myrtle Beach!
I love your window! My hubby would say its junk as well! LOL

Country Dreaming said...

We had a warm and blustery holiday full of yard work and planting.

Happy Tuesday.


Lilly said...

That indoor window is really cute, I really like the starfish and the green lantern you've decorated it with.
And I love the diva's necaklace!

Catherine said...

I love your window , it's very fashion!and i love the way you decorated it.

It's me said...

Sweat Darla...i love your window!! it is great !!...lovely

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

What a great idea adding the plant hanger! LOVE it! and LOVE your little puppy -- SO SO cute!!

Ana said...

Hi Leslie,
Darla is just the cutest! Love your window and new lantern...I have never heard of a battery operated (time) candle. Sounds cool. Does it turn on when it starts getting dark or can you actually set a time for it to turn on and off? Either way, I'd love one...I'd love to know where you found it? Wishing you a fantabulous day.

Hugs and Kisses,

All That Glitters said...

What a pretty little diva!

I love your window too!!! I also love to decorate for Halloween! It's my favorite! I think about Halloween everyday! Is there a special place for people like us? lol! Do you ever go on Flickr? If not, go there ASAP! I type in Halloween decor, or halloween candy etc. You will get tons of ideas and just pure eye candy!!! Have fun!!