Tuesday, May 3, 2011

C is for..

Since I have  my "rescheduled" root canal later this morning,
I have already prepared my C post last night.
Boy... I am on the ball!   

Soon I will have to make an attempt at using my own photos for this game..
C is for :

Dark Dirty Beautiful..

Coal has been such a part of my family's lives for a long time..
from the mining uncles and cousins in West by god Virginia
to Papa Spoonful's long time job in the coal industry.

Not only does it keep our city bright and powered
....it keeps our family fed, schooled and sheltered.

Have you seen the new show
We love it!
The job that the miners do is incredible.
It is awesome to see how and where the coal comes from before it gets to Papa Spoonful.

To all of the coal miners out there
Stay safe!
Thank You!

Have a great May 3rd.
See Y'all after my root canal.



Formerly known as Frau said...

Good luck with your root canal.....hope they give you a good pain killer. Coal show sounds interesting I'm going to google it see when on here. When I lived in Utah there was a big coal mining town and when you see it first hand you realize the hard work and risk taken by theses men. Thanks Papa Spoonful and others.

La said...

What a dangerous way to make a living. I appreciate the work and energy these fine people provide.

Good luck!

Ana said...

Hi Leslie,
My hats off to all coal miners. Such a hard and dangerous job. Awesome "C" post. Good luck with your root canal today. "C" you tomorrow...hee, hee, hee.

Hugs and Kisses,

Julie Harward said...

Ohhh, I hate root canals..hope yours goes well. Thank goodness for the men who get the coal..God bless them! :D

Country Dreaming said...

Best of luck on your root canal!
These posts are really cute.
Prayers for Papa Spoonful and his coworkers!!!!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh, in the Netherlands are many many coal miners, my granddad used to be one! I like your post a lot, Leslie.
Tomorrow we jump in the car for DC, I heard Baltimore is a very very beautiful city, we have to come back for that ;o) Crossing the ocean blue tomorrow afternoon.
Wishing you the sweetest dreams and a wonderful midweek! xxxx