Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marching forward

Oh boy ..   where do I start.
Things are good in the spoonful house,  with my back still on the mend I have been going a little crazy with wanting to rearrange furniture,  exercise and do the many things that I just can not do.

We are in the process of giving Selfie Spoonful's bedroom a  preteen makeover.
She has wanted a loft bed for a long time and now we've finally got one.
We are replacing all of her furniture and giving her.. her own style. 
( she's always had hand me downs )

The color that she choose for her new room is GREEN
a very very bright green!!

I will post more photos as the room is completed.

There is no painting today since it is ugly and rainy outside.

My sun porch...  poor poor sun porch ..  looks like a garbage dump!
It is filled with old furniture and things that we are getting rid of.

Soon...  I keep telling myself
This room will be back to normal.
I recently bought a gorgeous table and chair set that I can't wait to put out there!!!

Miss Teen Spoonful is doing well. 
It has been a little over a month since she got her drivers license and she loves it!!!
She is doing great in school ~  and now, being just a point away from a perfect 4.0 ,
she is a member of the phi capa beta something.
Her love for learning is very impressive! 
If only she would wise up about other things.

What else...

My nieghbor crashed into my car as we were both leaving our driveways.. oops!
The damage isn't to bad and no one was hurt.   

March 2nd was the 7th anniversary of my mom's passing away

We booked our Florida trip yesterday .. and a little extra surprise that I will tell you about later.

Saturday, March 12th is the fifth anniversary of me becoming a non smoker.
Gosh,  that is so hard to believe!
To be honest.. I have smoked
about one cigarette a year.

oh and...
Look  what I received in  the mail yesterday!!
It is the little surprise that I sent my friend Leann in Scotland... back in December
 Leann ~  I am going to try to resend again soon.

So that is it from Baltimore.
I hope that you all are having a fantastic March!!!!

See y'all soon


It's me said...

A lot of things happened in your live darling.......slow down take it easy......have a nice love

Jemm said...

Hope your back is all better soon Leslie. Unlike you, I don't have any good reason for being away from blogging. It's nice to stop in and "see" you. Take care.

Freckled Hen said...

You are busy! I'm glad things are on the up for you and your family. Hope spring blooms soon where you are and the rain rain goes away.

Sarah B said...

Wow, it's all happening at your place! That is bright green alright! I'm sure it'll look fab when it's all done.
Bummer about your car. I had mine run into at a supermarket recently. I wasn't there and no note was left, so that was nice of whomever did it.
Have a great weekend!

Shelly said...

That's funny! When my daughter was a pre-teen, we painted her room this same color! Now it's a dark red color. It must be a pre-teen thing lol!

What Causes Anxiety said...

You're such a busy bee! Have time to take all your stresses out! Have a wonderful day.

Panic Away Review said...

I love the color you've chosen for your room. I'm looking forward for the finished outcome of it.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I am telling you, my daughter, Grace chose that same green when she was a pre-teen! And that same thing happened with a package I sent out a few months finally came back to me months later! Urggg...the post office!

Lee Ann said...

Leslie!! I can't believe it came back, it must have decided that Scotland was too snowy over Christmas. Thankyou so much for trying xxx

you have been so busy!! I have so much I want to be doing around here, painting is high on the list. Nothing as fun as your green though, just a freshen up. But we have all just been sick constantly! Hopefully spring and summer will be kinder to us and you!!

Looking forward to seeing your girls room all finished and seeing what you do with your porch for spring

take care my friend xx

Melanie said...

You are busy, busy, busy!!
Looking forward to seeing the finished room (if she wants to share of course).
Have a great weekend! :)

Nezzy said...

WoW girl, I'm in a whirlwind here singin', "Your Makin' Me Dizzy." You are one busy woman.

I can't wait to see the finished room, your sweetie is gonna be so happy!!!

Have a beautiful day filled with warm wonderful blessings!!! :o)

Country Dreaming said...

Loks like the Spoonful house is BUSY!!!!!!!
Love the green. Can't wait to see the outcome.


adrienzgirl said...

When my daughter picked out her color for her teenage room makeover it was that same bright green. Her bedding was all bright and cheery to go along with it. Must be that age.

Nezzy said...

I was just poppin' to see how your back is doin'???

Hope your all healed up by now and havin' a blessed day sweetie! :o)

Mind Movies 2.1 said...

I know there's still a lot of stuff and work to do. But, take time, find your pace so you won't get stressed that much. Have a great day ahead!

Jane @ Going Jane said...

Can't wait to see the room makeover!! :)