Tuesday, January 25, 2011

happy Tuesday

Here is a little something to warm your heart on this cold cold Tuesday morning.
( I should tell you that my husband hates when we do this to the dog)

I just can't help it..
 HE  is just the sweetest thing!!

Not only am I going in to work today
~on my day off...

but I made you all some cookies!!!


I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things

Blueberry Wax melts from Walmart.
They cost 2.00 and have 6 melts
and smell fantastic!!!!

that I found over at Kary's blog,
My Farmhouse Kitchen

It was delicious!!!!!!

Criminal minds

I am so hooked on this show and cast.

I just love the BAU
and recently bought seasons 1-5 on eBay.

I love the handsome Spenser Reed and Derek Morgan


But my favorite is the no nonsense Hotch!! 

Which is why I can not wait  for my new shirt to arrive so that I can show my Hotch love!!!

Have a fantastic day everyone!!!!!


Pumpkin said...

I'll take that Valentine any day ;o)

Ummm...Leslie...there's just one problem with the cookies...I CAN'T GET THEM!!!! ROFL!

You are too funny!

Lee Ann said...

Aw sharky just slays me!! I just wanna hug and kiss him !!

Criminal minds!!! Sooo love this, Murray and I love watching it! It never runs in sequence here so we just watch them whenever they're on. I always have to watch something light after it though, it is too intense for me right before bed lol I have to get Murray to check the house for serial killers!!

Yum!! on all the eye candy!! (the men and the food ;-) ) xx

Jemm said...

Oh, your poor pooch!! But he is pretty cute dressed up.

I made the same cookies for Christmas and used red, green and white sprinkles~ very cute.

La said...

Your pup is adorable, boa and all. :o)

Heather said...

What a fun post! Your dog is adorable. I just love his big black nose. You can tell that he has a very sweet disposition.

Heather said...

What a fun post! Your dog is adorable. I just love his big black nose. You can tell that he has a very sweet disposition.

Country Dreaming said...

Sharky just cracks me up!
Way to cute.
Those cookies look delish too but I'm having thesame problem--I can't get one either.


Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Okay! I could not help but smile and laugh at the dog! That is so cute!! This little post just make my day!! Angie xo

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Poor puppy, he kinda looks like he enjoys it though! Cookies look great:@)

Blondie's Journal said...

Your puppy looks adorable and a little like he is liking it! I bought a little Valentine's Day dress for my dog yesterday and she looked darling!

The cookies look delicious!


It's me said...

Owwwww that sweet sweet dog !! ...love Ria.....xxx....

Formerly known as Frau said...

Yum I'll have a couple of those FF cookies! I love Criminal Minds....We watch it all the time! Team Hotch but my heart belongs to Morgan I wish they would show him without a shirt more....!

Becky said...

Your doggy looks so loving and gentle. I could use a doggy hug today.

I love that show too. Sometimes I have to turn it off because the crimes are so brutal I know I'll have nightmares. But I love the characters. (I also love NCIS and Lie to Me).

And thanks for the cookie. I have to wash my computer screen because I made a drooly mess :)

Katharine said...

Yum...good things baking at your house! Happy Tuesday!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

sharkey it just too cute....

glad you liked the cake :-)

we enjoyed it too....

stay warm, my friend

kary and teddy

All That Glitters said...

He is just too cute!!! How does those wax thingys work?

Julie Harward said...

Well, you know I have a golden too, so I know about their awesome sweetness...he is cute! The cookies look so yummy too :D

Susan said...

OMG...I knew there was some reason why I enjoy your blog.
I also love when my house smells like fruit, I love to take pictures of the dogs, I love Hotch, and the cookies, they look "to die for"
Thanks for sharing,

Sheri said...

Those cookies look super yummy! And I think dog looks adobable!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Now this is a really warm-hearting post, Leslie. Your cute doggie is the sweetest and I do want to have a big bite of the yummy looking lovelies!!
Enjoy a hearty Thursday xxxx

fer said...

that blueberry looks so yummy!