Monday, January 24, 2011

another dollar tree project and some winter fun

Good Morning Friends.
It is early and cold here in Baltimore.

It is going to be a great day to
catch up on my blogs
read a few more chapters of my book
prepare my packages for the post office
go to the gym
bake something yummy.

Here is a simple valentines project that I made last week.

I purchased two bags of heart shaped lollipops
and a Styrofoam cone
at the dollar tree.

and just began tucking the sticks into the cone...

until I achieved this cute little candy display.

The dining room table is all set in pink and red.
yes,  that is a red feather boa hanging from the chandelier.


Last Monday, since schools were closed
the Spoonful family made good use of the day off and went snow tubing in York Pa.

The place is called Heritage Hills.

Selfie spoonful is all bundled up.

If you don't feel like walking..
This is your mode of transportation up the hill.

Going up was just as much fun as going down.

Selfie is ready to go!!

Miss Teen Spoonful and Selfie going downhill together.

It is time to warm up ..

and grab some hot coffee

so we can go down again.

Lots of fun!!!!

Have a fantastic week everyone.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Wow looks like fun but damn it's cold!

Katharine said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I haven't been tubing since college!
Love the candy tree... Have a great day!

Lee Ann said...

This looks amazing!! Iove that you don't have to climb back up!! Lol

Happy Monday my dear. Your day sounds like heaven!!! xx

Pumpkin said...

What a great project and so easy too!

Looks like you're all ready for Valentine's Day in your house :o)

That looks like SO much fun but SO cold! Brrr!

~RED~ said...

That sledding place looks great!!!
I love your project, so inexpensive and easy, but i am afraid those pops would last about 10 seconds in my house, LOL

Karen said...

Love the Valentine's table! Tubing is sooo much fun. I love that everyone, of all ages, can have a good time and be together. Great photos!

Heather said...

Your valentine decorations are adorable. It looks like your day trip was fun but COLD!!

Fishtail Cottage said...

really cute lollypop tree idea! think i'll have to try that one. xoox

Melanie said...

Very cute!!

That looks like an awesome time! I haven't been sledding/tubing in sooooo long. :(

Brenda Kula said...

I do so love your little candy tree!

Nezzy said...

Glory to goodness...all that fun and a tunnel to slide through to boot!!! Woohoo!!!

Our snow melted but we have more in the forecast! UCK!!! I'm sooo not a snowbunny!!!

I just adore your little heart activity! It would be a great project for Kid's Church. I'm stealin' it...."K"???

God bless and have a most glorious day sweetie!!!

All That Glitters said...

Hey girl!!!! Looks like you are having a great day!!! I want to go down that hill too! That looks like so much fun!

Freckled Hen said...

Wow, I want to move north. My younger kids have never been sledding- isn't that terrible? Love the lollipop tree and your dining table is pretty...

Country Dreaming said...

That's a cute little idea---
and the tubing looks like sooo much fun!

We have a place here that we can tube on but haven't done it yet.

See you soon.


Julie Harward said...

What a fun day...and I love your table, the quilt on there is wonderful :D

DianeM said...

Wow! Tubing looks like soooo much fun...I didn't know the slopes were so gentle! I'll have to search out a tubing site here in NJ for some outdoor fun :)
Your Valentine's craft & table look great...I love those lollipops!
Smiles, DianeM

Catherine said...

lovely table for Valentine, will take your idea! my children did snow tubing in Canada and had great fun!

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

I have to head to the Dollar Tree. Didn't know they had these there.

Mrs Roberts said...

Loving the tree, but loving that tubing even more. I wish I had a place like that. That would be a blast!!