Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Mildred needs a bath!!!!!

It is gingerbread time
and this year
for the first time ever
I attempted to make it from scratch.

The kitchen smelled fantastic!!!!

We loaded up the sweets..

Selfie's house had many layers.


I am sad to say that I am not very good at this gingerbread business.

My roof was covered in smarties

Miss Teen Spoonful made the pretty pink  gumdrop house.


Where to put this messy little village to where the dogs can't eat it.


Sometimes we are blessed to meet people so nice that you aspire to be like them.
That's how I feel about one of my friends.

Since this friend works 6 1/2 days a week
I feel honored that she spent some of her precious time off to make these cuties for me.

I put them on my favorite table in the kitchen so that they wouldn't get lost in the hubbub.
Thank you very much.
I love them!


Dang it!!
Wouldnt' you know that I am off for the rest of the week
and tonight my head is clogging up and my eyes are watering.

Have a great Thursday friends.


Blondie's Journal said...

It looks like you and your kids had a ball making the gingerbread houses and they turned out so cute! We tried it from a kit before and even that was hard so I give you a lot of credit!

I love Mr. and Mrs. Claus! What a sweet gift from your friend. Some people have the biggest hearts.

I hope you don't get sick...have a quiet evening and rest a lot!


Pumpkin said...

Now there's some gingerbread houses! Ooey gooey goodness :o)

Country Dreaming said...

You are a brave woman!
Hope you feel better soon.


Prairiemaid said...

I love your ginger bread village! You gals did a great job.

Also, enjoyed you pictures of NY City. Looks like you made lots of memories. Precious!


Julie Harward said...

They are just perfect! These kind are more fun to eat! And they are always fun for the whole family too. I just made gingerbread men (last previous post) we must be thinking alike! Stay well :D

It's me said...

This is so so so nice!! Ria..

Sarah B said...

Look at your poor mixer! I made a gingerbread house last year and it was fun. I hope to do it again soon. Sugary goodness :)
Hope your snuffly head doesn't turn into much :)

Sherry said...

ooo i love your gingerbread houses, hope you get the sniffles out soon.

Heather said...

What a sweet gift from your friend. Your gingerbread village is adorable! Hope you're feeling okay.

Peechee said...

Hey Leslie! It's Peechee from the St Clement Craft Fair - the girl that sat behind you who tagged along her mommy that made me sit back down so she can googly eye the Monavie guy? LOL!

I know exactly where you can put your awesome gingerbread houses! On my dining table so that me and my kids can eat it. Great job on them!

I understand why your friend took that extra time out of her busy day to make those. How could she not? You're a fantastic person, just as she is.

Melanie said...

Heeeeeeee! I love 'em!! :)

Linda said...

What a great activity to do with the family! I love the Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus figures!

Nezzy said...

There's just nothin' that smells up a house like gingerbread!!! The houses look great and the kiddos looked like they had a blast puttin' them together.

Take care of yourself, pop some extra vitamin C and what every ya do ....don't get sick!

God bless and have a most stupendous day!!! :o)

Sheri said...

I love your gingerbread house! What a wonderful tradition. I've never made one and it's too late this year for me, but I am definitely putting that on top of my Christmas To Do list for next year especially after seeing your cute yours came out.

Jane @ Going Jane said...

Our mixers are twins! Mine needs a bath, too! :) I think your gingerbread houses are adorable! :)