Sunday, November 28, 2010

hall out the holly

Again,  it feels like forever since I've played with my bloggy friends.
I never even replaced my header.
I really do need to get on the blogger ball!!!

I started with the Christmas decorating
and so far the dining room and sun porch are finished.

I am loving the dining room.
everything is done in green, red and white.

I love the red chandy too..
doesn't it look great with those fake greens and cranberries.

These awesome Christmas tree napkin rings came from my blogger friend Lisa in Ohio.
They were my table top inspiration this year.
Aren't they just adorable!

It is very warm and cozy.

The sun porch looks cool this year.
Remember when I was hanging those branches from the ceiling...
well,  I love how they turned out.
From the branches I hung birds, stars and snowflakes.
The photos just do not give them justice.

Here are a few cardinals hanging out

It is somewhat enchanting
to be so warm yet feel like you are still outside.

The tree is done in mostly raffia, birds, berries and pine cones.

I am still not sure about the linens.. 
I am going to try a different quilt on the daybed and see if I like it better.

Maybe today we will pick up our real tree. 
This year we are going with the big retro lights
can't wait.

Happy decorating friends.


It's me said...

What a nice decorating !! pretty pretty....but i like the most...that black labrador on the wall !!! o my o my......i fall in love with that !!! happy first advent Ria....

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I think the branches are so cool! Lovin' the quilt too:@)

Heather said...

Everything looks so warm and inviting!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your trees are beautiful! How I wish I had room for even one more tree! I love your sun porch, too. And the branches...very cool!


Lee Ann said...

Oh Leslie! I love it, your home looks so welcoming and warm. We are decorating today but no tree til next Sunday. X

Sherry said...

everything looks beautiful, it is starting to get me in the mood to get busy decorating! have a great week

Melanie said...

Everything looks so beautiful!!! :)

Sarah B said...

It all looks so fantstic! You really know how to decorate :)

Katharine said...

Oh it looks so good!! But seriously, you have gifts wrapped and under the tree?? You are my,

Country Dreaming said...

You are tooo on the ball.
I'm getting there just not yet.
Looks great though and I like the quilt that you have on the daybed.

Happy Tuesday.


Julie Harward said...

Your house looks so the tree branches! ;D

Kacie Leah said...

Everything looks fantastic!!! and oh oh ohhhh how I LOVE those branches in your sun porch! hoooow cute are those?!

love it all, great photos! can't wait to see more!!! =)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Everything looks so beautiful...even the cardinals!

notes of sincerity said...

I love love love your decorations! You have the prettiest home! :o)

Ana said...

Oh Leslie,
Your spaces look so beautiful and Christmasy. I would love more space to be able to put a tree in every room like you, but our petite cottage is, well, too petite. Love, love, love the branches on the ceiling with all the red birdies and snow. What a sweet idea. Everything looks awesome. Have a wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

Pumpkin said...

Your tree is just gorgeous! I love all your decorations. It looks so cozy and festive :o)