Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a day that I am thankful for

It was the day before thanksgving, the year was 1989 and I never left the house without protecting my hair with a half of a can  gallon of aqua net hair spray and my favorite black and white checkered "Bobby Brown" pants.   I was 17 and what happened that day changed my life forever. 

My mother was a security guard at a large shipping port.    Although my mom was crazy cool and could make anybody laugh..  not everyone there was nice to her.   
You see, my mom was a story teller ~ truth embellisher ~  some would call her a bullshitter.  Say what they wanted, my mom had a huge heart and a loving soul..  which was why I wasn't surprised when she told me about some men at the port who were very nice to her.   One man in particular was very kind to my mom.

So, back to that day before Thanksgiving.  It was mid afternoon and I was helping my mother work around the house in preparation for the next days dinner.   My mom always made way to much food!
I was vacuuming the stairs when there was a knock at the door.  I turned the vacume off and listened as my mom opened the door and greeted her guest.   I retreated to the top step and peaked down at the cute man with the mustache that sat in the chair across from my mom.  Must've been a friend of my step dads.

Oh yeah..  I should mention.  One day my mom said to me that this guy from her work ~the nice one ~ the rich Italian guy~ saw a photo of me and was going to stop by to meet me.    Like I said, my mom was a story teller,  I didn't believe her.  In fact, I never gave it any thought.

which is why I was surprised when my mother called upstairs to me to come down..that there was someone that she wanted me to meet.  I knew immediately that it was the guy she spoke about and  I was frantic.  I had been cleaning  all morning,  in my cleaning clothes..   and had flat hair.    It was 1989, no self respecting girl would be seen with flat hair. 
ok..  so I did. 
I came out of hiding..  wearing a pink sweatsuit, flat hair, and a 17 year old face free of makeup. 

 He shook my hand and introduced himself.   You know how some people have a genuine look of truth and likability about them.. he had it.    I liked him from the very start.  We chatted with each other and my mom for a while but I had to cut it short since I had to go to work that evening.  
He offered to drive me to work and I let him.
  On his way to drop me off at work we stopped by his house ~ to feed the dog.   Good one!!!

I never made it to work that night.  In fact.. I didn't work again for the next 5 or so years.

We sat at the kitchen table in this very kitchen and we talked for hours.  We walked his huge dog walked us through the new fallen snow and we talked some more.

He  told me stories of his history and I told him dreams of my future.   Something was just right.. at that very moment, as scary as it was we  both knew that that day was the first day of the rest f our lives.

Each Thanksgiving while giving thanks for the many blessings in my life..  I give thanks to my mom for giving me this wonderful gift.    21 years later,  we still sit in the same kitchen.. he still tells me stories of his  our past and I still tell him dreams of our futures.

Oh.. and the rich Italian thing..  I told you my mom was a bullshitter.  :  )

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone


Lee Ann said...

Aww Leslie I love this story! Happy anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving xx

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

What a great story, congrats! Happy Thanksgiving:@)

Blondie's Journal said...

Sweet, sweet, story, Leslie!! Thanksgiving must always be an extra special time for you!! Have a Happy one!


Katharine said...

What a beautiful story!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Happy happy anniversary and a happy happy thanksgiving, Leslie xxxx

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for sharing your story...I enjoyed it a lot! I am happy for you that you found someone special to share life with and that is more important than money! ;D

Heather said...

What a wonderful story! Congratulations and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Melanie said...

What a wonderful story!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jemm said...

What a great story! That's the feeling I had with my husband too. It just felt right. He was 17, I was 16 when we met. It's cute the way you talk about your mom. Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Merry said...

Awwww - makes me want to cry! What a sweet story and a happy ending!

Karen said...

This is such a great story and you have such a gift for telling it. Happy Thanksgiving!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

~I loved your story~

All That Glitters said...

Ahhhh...I loved this!!!! Your mom sounds awesome too!