Saturday, October 16, 2010

these are a few of my scariest things

October 16

The first thing that I think of when I see the date is that
I am now only 14 short months away from 40.
There is no way.
I can't be
I still crave fresh crayons and coloring books
My thumbs still get sore from super Mario brothers..
I still wanna lick the bowl after mixing a cake
there must be some mistake.

Happy Saturday all.

Not much going on in the spoonful house today
in fact, it is very quiet around here.
Miss Teen Spoonful and her beau are exploring the downtown waterfront
and Mini me is spending the afternoon at a girl friends.

I..  well, I have a confession to make.
I have not slept in my bed/bedroom in over a week.
Papa Spoonful still sleeps there
but I make my bed on the comfy red sofa.

at the moment 
you can find many frightening things in our house... 
 severed heads
creepy spiders
squishy eyeballs
bowls of worms
rats and bats

but nothing can scare me
make me run with  my hands in the air,
launch whatever I may be holding,
dance around in circles  dusting  my clothes
screaming like a baby...

  like these ugly things ....

Stink bugs

If you are not familiar with them..
they are horrid little creatures that FLY!
They are about the size of a thumb nail and they stink when you kill them.
I wouldn't know..
because I've never killed one.
I'm to afraid of them.
Plus,  I just can not do the crunching bug thing.

My method..
 run.. and make someone else get the bug. 

Last week
there was one in my car...
Selfie and I hopped out quicker that you can say
we waited for a good samaritan to get it for us.
She did!
she picked it right up with a napkin.

Seems that Maryland has suffered for a stink bug invasion
and so has my bedroom.
We think that they were getting in through the window openings and yesterday papa spoonful closed and sealed everything up..
I found three of them.

So,  that is what I am doing on this quiet Saturday afternoon.
caulking and sealing any opening that I can find.

Trying to shake these hebe jebes and take my bedroom back!!

Have a great night everyone.


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Ah... the never ending battle of the stink bug:@) They only seek warmth and shelter... and I'm cool with that-anywhere but my house!
Here's the secret [I can't squish bugs either], simply catch them in a plastic cup, cover it with cardboard and toss them outside! I personally take great pleasure in tossing them towards my very snooty neighbor's house-but that's just my own little perk:@)

Mo 'Betta said...

ahahaha, yes, stink bugs are gross. I don't have them here so much, but had a lot of them in a previous house - I used to suck them up with the vacuum cleaner. I know, gross! But I hate the crunching bug thing too. *shiver* AND I turned 38 in August, so I can relate all to well with the OMG-Imalmost40-syndrome :P Time flies by entirely too fast...

Katharine said...

Ewww, sorry! I've never met a stink bug, but I would do the same as you and run for the hills! I am not a bug fan!!And...40??? pfft, it's nothing! you're a youngin' trust me! It really does just keep getting better after 40!
Have a great weekend

Cris @ Goodeness Gracious said...

Those bugs must be bad this year... they are EVERYWHERE outside my home--by the hundreds...eek!

Sarah B said...

I've heard about these stink bug creatures - they don't sound very nice :)
I know exactly what you mean about turning forty. It's only a year away for me. It just doesn't seem right - I'm a big kid too!

Country Dreaming said...

We need a hard freeze to kill all thse yucky creep crawlies.

Good Luck!


Holly said...

Ooooo...stink bugs! We don;t have these here...thankfully! Maybe they don;t like the beach! I'll turn 40 before you...I'll let you know how it goes!

Alwayzbakin said...

Well, I will be 39 this coming April and that is WAY to close to 40 for me too. Don't give it another thought, because you still look GOOD girl! And as for the stink bugs, I don't blame you for sleeping on the couch.

Sheri said...

Awwww, 40's not bad. Trust me! I'm a few months away from 50. Stink bugs though, that is one ugly bug!

Madelief said...

Hi Leslie,

Those stinkbugs of you sound and look very scary! I am glad we don't have bugs like this in Holland :-)

You are still so young!!! I have already past the big 40 six years ago :-( You are a very young mum!

Wish you a great new week!

Lieve groet, Madelief

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

You keep your sweet bugs in your beautiful country, will you ;)
Have a happy new week, Leslie xxx

Pumpkin said...

They aren't the same as bed bugs are they?

I can certainly understand why you wouldn't want to sleep in your bed :oS Ewwwww!

Lisa said...

OMG, stink bugs? At least they aren't bed bugs!!! I hate critters of any kind myself so i can relate...i hope they are long gone by now!!