Thursday, October 7, 2010

a busy day off

October 7th

I was off today..

Day off to do list:

Buy more paint for hallway and doors
Get pumpkins and flowers for outside
weed front garden
finish painting wall going up the steps
 hang wall paper and curtain
get nails done
wash work clothes
deliver party invitations
go to the post office
make cookies for the girls at work
piano lessons
create October 7th blog post

Not to bad for one day!

Here is the finished paint job
and wallpaper

I am loving it!


I have met so many wonderful people online
through these blogs.
I have made a few friendships that have grown outside of the world  of computers..
friendships that I hope are lifelong.

Recently some of these friends have treated me 
to wonderful surprises.
I feel so.... 
whats the word
... honored.

Last week I received a small package in the mail
~ postmarked Springfield Ohio..
I knew immediately that I was from my very first blog friend,
 Mrs Clooney ( Georges wife)
I opened the package and found the cutest
Christmas napkin rings ever!!!!
Mrs Clooney ~ I adore them and you!!!

If you remember,  Mrs Clooney also sent me these awesome Halloween napkin rings.

The other day I got a text from another old journal buddy
saying that she sent me a surprise
and yesterday I received this..

This box was filled with all kinds of goodies
fabrics, Christmas lights, fall and Halloween magazines,
3 awesome craft books, the Martha plaque ( which I LOVE)
and the cutest little Frankenstein mug.

What have I done to deserve such a treasure box?!
I've scoured the craft books a few times already
and found lots of projects that I can't wait to start.
Thank you so much Nee,  your friendship is a true blessing to me.

Last week I after commenting on a beautiful stained glass window
on one of my favorite blogs
I received an email saying this..

As Blogland's official "Queen of Halloween", I do have a little something I'd like to send to you. It'll be a surprise. So if you'd like to shoot me your address I'll get it out to you on Monday.

First....  did you see that?
Bloglands official queen of Halloween!!!
woohooo.. me!!

Yesterday I received my surprise from
 Happier than a pig in mud
and it is simply gorgeous!!

This talented lady makes the most beautiful
stained glass windows
and she shared this awesome piece with me.
I am honored and I will treasure it always!

Thank you all very very much
I am humbled by your friendships and generosity.

Have a great Friday Everyone!!!



It's me said...

It looks great !!! happy weekend Ria......

Sherry said...

i love the way your stairway turned out it is beautiful,that stain glass is awesome!

Jane @ Going Jane said...

You were super productive yesterday! And I loce all yoru new goodies! :)

Katharine said...

I love the new paper!.. and I agree about the Queen of Halloween!! Happy Friday, your Majesty! lol
Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Your stairway is beautiful! I love the colors. I use a lot of yellow in my house and just love accenting with red.

The stained window is so cool.

Jennifer said...

Girl, I'm so behind on blogging! Love your walpaper and paint! Love it!!! Also love your ghost Miss Halloween!!!

June said...

Bloggy love is some of the best love there is!
The stain glass ghost is totally awesome!