Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Candelabra makeover and dollar store finds

The heads are done!!
And they are down right nasty.

and after
breaking out the string, black beads and
spiders, of course.

..The new black candelabra is looking good.

Since the candle openings are so small
I had to make skinny tapers to fit.

And here it is.. 
My $4.00 Candelabra. 


And after...


I love Fall and Halloween themed children's books
and today I found this beauty.
I can't wait to read it.

It will be perfect for the coffee table.

See the orange and black mats
I bought them today as well.
I can not wait to use them.

And these lovelies
I found at the Dollar Tree.

How cool are they!!!

Have a great Thursday Everyone!!
Stay Cool!

If you want to see the heads
just scroll down...



ok, so the one with the eyes scares me!!
:  )


Julie Harward said...

I so love that candelabra!!! I cannot wait to see it all!!! :D

Country Dreaming said...

I am really not sure about those heads but....everything else is darling!


PS Where did you find the book?

Sarah B said...

Heck, those spooky heads look like they came out of my studio floor before we fixed it yesterday! Creepy!!
The candelabra looks fab as well :)

TuTu's Bliss said... even make your own candles? It is bad enough that you're already preparing for Halloween but making your own candles too! The new rule is when you do something this adorable and fabulous you have to list a minor deficiency. Nothing major..just something to make the rest of us feel better. ;)

Sherry said...

i love the way the candlelabra turned out, can't believe you make your own candles! i love the fall, but it doesn't feel like fall here yet still very hot and i am over it, ready for some coolness!

June said...

I love fall colors and Halloween but I am just not ready to let go of summer...

The candelabra turned out awesome!!

natalyK said...

I love the candelabra and the creepy heads are perfectly spooky. I got excited about halloween just viewing your blog

Melanie said...

You need to have your own crafting show or magazine!

Blondie's Journal said...

You did a wonderful job with the candelabra!! Wow! And the heads...I think I need to start thinking more about Halloween!


Julie said...

What great finds! I so love the plates!

Happy almost Halloween!!!!!

Haupi said...

Wow! I see you're ready for Halloween. I've just given you an award, so come on and get it. I love the Dollar Store finds too. :)


Pumpkin said...

AH! Your candelabra is fantastic!!!! What a transformation and it looks so real :o)

Okay, the heads...they just scare me ;o) LOL!

sewingseeds4U said...

Love the candelabra. I saw one similar at the Thriftstore today but never would have envisioned such a cute Halloween idea. Okay, I admit, the heads are a little spooky for me! Very creative thinking. Patty

Jennifer said...

your candle holder looks awesome! I kinda like the heads!!! Can't wait to see them set all up! I'm most def heading to dollar tree!

Prairiemaid said...

Leslie, thanks for coming by for a visit.

Love the candelabra, it's terrific...the heads are ~ well, heads.....nice, but eeerie....especially the eye-poppin' one!

The book looks cool.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Alwayzbakin said...

Oh my gosh! You're SO talented. I LOVE the candelabra. Great job.

Kacie Leah said...

ooooohhhohohohohohohohhhhh i want that candelabra!!!!!! that looks sooo awesome, and those heads are just insanely creepy....I LOVE IT!!!