Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a tiny update and a tiny cartoon

Hello again friends
I hope that all of you are doing well
and I apologize for my lack of blog visits this week. 

I haven't sat at the home PC in days
I guess I just needed a computer break.

It's those darn Twilight books!!!

I also think that my blog needs a makeover... 
Maybe a new header and some pretty music.

Yep ~  I'm gonna work on it this week.

Meanwhile,  I leave you all with this awesome animation 
 that my youngest (11yr) daughter created.


Have a great Thursday.


Country Dreaming said...

Sometimes we need a break to refresh ourselves and other things too.
See you soon.


Julie Harward said...

LOL..cute animation! Good luck with the have to drop the Twilight to see the light you know! LOL ;D

It's me said...

What a cute animation !!...good luck with your page renew........and do not stay long away....than i miss Ria.....

Annelie said...

Love the animation. I love kids way of doing things, simple but fun.

So funny how the apple suddenly appears at the end.

Nezzy said...

The animation is just adorable, you have quite the little talent on your hands there.

Have fun spiffin' up your blog and have a terrific weekend girl!!!

kacie said...

LOL that was quite possibly the most amazing thing i have seen all week. haha!! love it!!!! stick people and random apples....i'm hooked. those are my kind of cartoons!

have a great weekend!!=)

Jane @ Going Jane said...

My kidders loved the artwork! :)

Pumpkin said...

I thought you finished the books ;o)

June said...

See...I have been hiding in another vamp book series too which is one of the reasons you don't see me blogging much the past month.

Check out Laurell K Hamilton "Anita Blake" series. The first in the series is called Guilty Pleasures and was written way before Twilight (1993). This books series has been Awesome!