Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Last Saturday of August

Oh my gosh ~ I simply can not believe that this is the last weekend in August!
It truly has been a great summer
FAST but still great.

About 3 things i am absolutely positive.

 First,  The kitchen cabinets look awesome covered in the new cream color.
 Second,  I am still following Weight watchers and there is a part of me,  and i DO  know how dominant that part is, that thirsts  for chocolate and potato chips.
And third, i am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with my Palm phone.

Who ever thought that we would be able to watch movies on our cell phones!!!
When my world gets a little crazy
all i have to do is pick up my cell..
push play,
and get my daily dose of Edward Cullen.

This week my girls and I visited our favorite neighbor
who recently moved into a retirement home.  

I baked her a yummy loaf of  (boxed) orange cranberry bread.

And we toured the apartment buildings
and enjoyed the afternoon at the lake.

She is a very special lady to our family
and we miss having her as a neighbor
but love seeing how wonderful she is doing in her new digs. 

The lake was filled with Geese, ducks, huge catfish and turtles. 

Yesterday I completed another task
on my house to do list.

Painted the bathroom.

First I had to scrape off the border off and spackle the many holes.

Since the fixtures are still 70's green
I figured that I should paint the walls to match

I kept the same shower curtain
and painted the shelves and mirror frame black.

And this...
Is what I look like before I even have my first sip of coffee.

Look at the hair!!!!
Last week I gave Miss Teen Spoonful the OK to cut it all off. 

It is funky
 for once
I love it.

Remember my self to do list..
I registestered for my instrument lessons
Drum roll please
I am going to learn how to play the ...


and I am very excited!!!!

Have a great wonderful happy weekend!!!!!
I will be catching up with everyone today and tomorrow. 


Pam said...

Way to go! It all looks and sounds great! I love those red and white kitchen curtains as my kitchen is red and white. Good luck with the piano lessons, it's a wonderful thing you will enjoy, I'm sure!

Country Dreaming said...

Super busy is what you have been!
Love the cabinets and the way you worked the bathroom color together!
Great haircut.She did a super job.


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Aw, I adore your round table, Leslie. I LOVE round tables!! Wishing you a most wonderful and happy last Saturday of August too, my friend xxxx

Katharine said...

wow!! the kitchen looks great, and good for you for the piano are awesome!

Kacie Leah said...

Oh my it really the end of August?! I saw the title and thought "NU UH NOT YET?!?!" WOW Where did the summer go?!?!

But your kitchen looks GREAT as does your bathroom! Love the colors, so cute!
and your HAIR!! Love it! Looks great on you, your stylist did an awesome job ;)
Good luck with the piano lessons!!
Hope ya'll have a great weekend!!! =)

Becky said...

Leslie, nice to meet you. This is my first visit and you have a lovely blog here. Love the creamy cabinets ... I take it that is new to your kitchen. And your haircut looks sassy girl!

I wanted to tell you that the canisters you were oggling on my blog :) EVERYONE loves. I have moved them across country twice in the backseat of my car just to be safe. They are from IKEA and they are so much fun. You can put them under the cabinet too, if you want to drill a few holes :)

Have a great last weekend of August. I was certain we had one more, but we don't. I am a bit behind after our big move and still trying to catch up to the calendar.

It's me said...

Hi Leslie...your bathroom is great !!!...i like your curtain !!! wow nice that dogs on it......and finally i like you !!! hahahahaha!! Ria...happy weekend enjoy..relax !!!

Lee Ann said...

Oh Leslie!!! I love your hair! Gorgeous ! And your bathroom and kitchen looks fab. Well done xxx

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

your kitchen is it...

love your cute...

and LOVE that you are taking piano lessons..i played (not well) as a child and took it up again a couple of years it so much...and so do my cats and only audience :-{

kary and teddy

June said...

Hi Leslie! *Waves*
Sorry I haven't stopped by sooner to visit but I love seeing all the wonderful decoration and paining you have been doing.

Summer has been beautiful and I am by no means ready for it to end...

I love the green in the bathroom, it's such a cool color.

Have a great weekend and hopefully September will stay warm and sunny!!!

Pumpkin said...

Your new haircut is adorable!!!! She did a great job :o)

Congratulations! I've always wanted to learn to play the piano. Hey, there's one thing I've always wanted to do! LOL!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

What a fun 'do and the bathroom turned out great too! Happy weekend:@)

Sarah B said...

Well, haven't you been busy! SO much happening at your house!
Your hair looks great - your daughter did a wonderful job!

Melanie said...

Love the hair!! Very sassy. *meow* lol

Nezzy said...

Love the hair girl! You kitchen looks so very warm and inviting all topped off with beautiful sunflowers.

....and that orange cranberry bread...I want to be you neighbor. How sweet are you.

Your bath looks amazing! Aren't you just a little ball of energy. Ya can come visit the Ponderosa anytime ya want, I could use some help baby! Heeehehehehe!

God bless ya and have a marvelous weekend!!!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

o.k. that's are the first person i have ever met that knows my beloved Phyllis Hoffman...
i have her crock pot cookbook....and it's become kind of a joke with me and my friend, julie...she always teases me you have your phyllis hoffman out yet??? she knows i can't wait to get it out every Fall


Haupi said...

Now that makes total sense...paint the bathroom walls green too! I love it - especially with the black accents. Great job. I also love your gingham curtains in your kitchen. With your blue door - it just pops - and your pots hanging from your ceiling - your kitchen is absolutely adorable! So is your new hair cut! I love it. Hope you're doing your video tomorrow sometimes. I'll be back to check it out!

Alwayzbakin said...

First of all, I LOVE your kitchen! It is so cute. The cabinets look great. Awesome color for the bathroom too. I wish I had to willpower to start WW again. You go! Cute haircut, too. I have always wanted to learn to play the piano. I hope you have a great time!

Jennifer said...

you are gorgeous and I just love your new do!!! I need some chocolate now! Thank you! That was very sweet of you to take that bread over there all wrapped up so cute!!!