Saturday, July 10, 2010

rainy Baltimore morning

It's Raining!!

I love rainy weekend mornings when we have nothing else to do
but sip delicious coffee and hang out on the sun porch and listen to the rain pound the pavement.

After a string of 100 degree days
I hope it stays quiet and rainy all day.
Maybe we'll  break out the Yahtzee game
or make some crafts.

I will definitely try out my new range.
 It was installed yesterday and I can not wait to bake something yummy!!!

Have a great Saturday!


Katharine said...

Yep! One of my favorite ways to spend a day too... have a great weekend!

Country Dreaming said...

It's always nice to have a say when
you don't have anything to do.
We have one of those days today.
We have been sooo busy latey and
so it's nice NOT to have to do

Have a great day.


It's me said...

Well i hope you have an enjoying day today !!.....i hope the rain will start here soon.......they said round is so hot in Holland.....i am sitting is verry hot.........have a lovely evening.....enjoy.............beautiful pictures !! i have made bread today.....yammie.......with nuts and fruit and raisins......yammie it was delicious!!

It's me said...
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It's me said...
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Jennifer said...

Ummmm... coffee! I splurged and went to Starbucks this morning!!! I hope you have a great rainy day!!! Love the flowers!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Isn't that rain wonderful! Hope your range works great and boy do I love that quilt on the bed your little cutie is sleeping on-enjoy!

Lee Ann said...

I love quiet rainy days too, they remind me of winter. Winter is myfavourite season, I am very much an inside gal! I could almost hear the rain pattering as you took us through your house, and the snuffling of your adorable miss lewinski!

Happy Sunday - enjoy x

June said...

I love the cozy look of the daybed... could see taking a nap there for sure!
The three tier basket is awesome!!