Saturday, July 3, 2010

Preparing for the holiday

I was a little slow...
and a lot late..
but I finally got out some red, white and blue!

If you haven't guessed
I love love lurve
hanging stuff from the sun porch ceiling! 

Now it's time to get some minor cooking done!
Have a great night everyone.


The Working Home Keeper said...

Very beautiful and festive! Happy 4th!

Mary Ellen

Katharine said...

Have a great weekend!

Pumpkin said...

Now that's what I call festive!!!!

Love the pictures of 'the kids' :o)

Jane said...

I love, love, love all you decorations!! Sooo festive, Leslie!! :)

Jennifer said...

your red white and blue stuff is so pretty!!!! I hope y'all had a good 4th!!! Thanks for visiting Kacie's blog!!! She is just too cute!