Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paper Flower hair clips

It was the perfect rainy day to get crafty.

We used paper die cut flowers to create some pretty hair clips.  

First we glued different combinations of flowers together
and sprayed each one with clear acrylic to harden them.

Glued them on to the clips
added sequins, buttons, etc

Of course I had to break out
 the GLiTTeR!!!
Martha Stewart brand glitter is my favorite!

 ~ Pretty ~ 
Not that she needs any help!!


Jemm said...

Leslie, these are SO pretty!!! I love them. I think my daughters (and me:) would have such a great time making these.

kacie said...

glitter makes everything better ;)
these are too dang cute! love all the colors, i want some!!!!!

and p.s. yes maam, i am DEFINITELY hooked! ha! thank you, i hope ya'll are having an awesome weekend as well! =)

Sarah B said...

Relly cute! I like the one in the last pic - prefect for a little lady!

Jane said...

Those are super cute! I'm going to have tot ry that, Leslie!! :)

Lisa said...

gorgeous! You could sell those! XO

Haupi said...

How adorable and the little cute model doesn't hurt. But actually I'm thinking of making some with a little more sophistication for myself. What a neat trick! Great share.


Julie said...

So very cute!

June said...

Sparkly and cute!! Love them!