Monday, July 12, 2010

Honest sCrap : )

Gal in the Middle, Megan list me among her awesome friends with this Honest Scrap award.

Thank you Megan,  I love reading about you and your Malibu while visiting your part of the world. : )

So the rules are I have to HONESTLY tell you 10 things about me and then pass the award along to other great bloggers.

10 things about me...HONESTLY

1.) I am listening to live CBS Big Brother live feeds as I type this. Guilty pleasure!

2.) I love love love huge funky rings.

3.) Although I have drastically cut down, Coffee is still my beverage of choice.

4.) I work at Michael's, owe them money at the end of the week... and I love it.

5.) I am thinking Halloween already .. ok ok I confess .. I think about it all year!!!

I've been working on these little cuties
I purchased the orange glass bulbs during the after Christmas clearance at Michael's. 
I think they will look delicious piled in a glass vase. 

6.) I haven't been to a weight watchers meeting in 3 weeks because I gained 4 pounds.  

7.) If I could, I would glitter the world! 

8.) Sometimes, during teenage female tangents, wishes that I had sons.

9.) It's been 4 years since I quit smoking, and recently while in Florida I took puff of a ciggy and choked. Darn it! I couldn't smoke even if I wanted to. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh, thank god.

10.)  I am fighting the urge to kick this computer since it is running super slow.   Gonna order a pretty new notebook just for my blog addictions.   
There are my 10 boring truths.
A few awesome bloggers that I am passing the Honest Scraps Award to are are..
My cousin in law Katharine from Just a Thought,   Katharine is such a refreshing breath of fresh air.  She makes you want to pour your coffee in your favorite mug, read and rejoice the blessings around you.   
I love to visit Jemm in the Flint Hills  ~  I forget all about the big city when I am visiting her family farm.   I can smell the fresh vegetables and the dinner cooking as I sit on her front porch and listen to stories about her girls.  
One of my first Spoonful friends , Julie from Homespun Fiber, she is our local celebrity having been showcased in August's Romantic Homes Magazine.   You go girl!!!   Julie makes amazing quilts and crochet items and her country house is stunning.       
Melinda from  Country Dreaming just made her 200th post!!  When I visit with Melinda and Mr Ken I just want to pull up a chair,  share a great dinner and chill out with a puzzle.  Plus.. I always leave with some kind of new fun  monthly fact.    
Be sure to stop by and tell these awesome ladies Hello!
I wonder what this sweet soul is thinking...


Country Dreaming said...

Well, thank you sooooo much.
I'm glad that you enjoy Dreaming.
We'd love to have you come by for dinner and games.
Come on by.
Thanks again.


Katharine said...

Awww, Thank you! I am so glad we are blogging alongside each other!
(And I LOVE the halloween balls, how cute!!)

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said... are right with Martha on #7....she loves to glitter too!

It's me said...

What a lovely post today................and oh my that doggie ..what shall he think.......he is so levely and cute !!! give him a biggg huge hug from me......happy dau with lots of fun.............

Sarah B said...

It's fun learning things about bloggy friends. Wouldn't the world be happier with a little extra glitter sprinkled on it?
ps love your pooch!

Julie said...

I knew we were sisters, my favorite is number 4 I worked at a knitting shop for about two years and never brought home a check, just lots, and lots of yarn!

And I love the halloween ornaments!

Freckled Hen said...

How dangerous for you to work at Michael's! You must have the best collection of craft supplies. Don't feel bad about your four pounds...I recently gained six. Does that make you feel better? Glad to be of help to you!
Hope you are enjoying summer!

Jemm said...

Leslie! Thanks so much for the shout out! Congrats on quitting smoking. I bet that was the hardest thing you've ever done. I've heard great things about Weight Watchers and have always wanted to try self conscious. Have a great day!

Jemm said...

I mean TOO self conscious :)

Jane @ Going Jane said...

How awesome for you, Leslie!! :)

Megan said...

You totally deserve it! Loved learning more about you.

Pumpkin said...

Love the pumpkin balls!!!!