Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Visit to the Baltimore National Aquarium

If you ever visit Baltimore
Then you must be sure to visit our National Aquarium,
downtown at the Inner Harbor. 
Between field trips, girl dates, and family fun..
I've been there a Kazillion times 
Papa Spoonful and I had one of our first dates there.

To celebrate the end of another school year,
 I had a date with the awesome Selfie Spoonful
To see the Jellyfish exhibit at the aquarium.

Of course we had a great time
The Jellyfish were stunning!!! 

** Photo overload**

The sea nettle or brown jellyfish, Chrysaora hyoscella
 can grow to 30cm across,
 trailing its 24 brown tentacles to 2 metres behind.
Its bridal train of four tentacles, often looks frilly.
 It can deliver potent stings and can be present in large numbers

The harmless sea mushroom jelly, Rhizostoma octopus
 does not have trailing tentacles to catch food.
 Its eight 'legs' are covered with a network of mouths
 that catch particles fanned down onto them by the swimming motion of the bell.

The Upside Down Jelly
The upside down jellyfish is so called because
it tends to stay upside down in shallow, muddy waters that it inhabits.
It is also called the Mangrove jellyfish because it mainly inhabits
 the mangroves in the Caribbean and southern Gulf of Mexico among other tropical waters.

Common Jelly
The harmless common jelly , Aurelia aurita,
 becomes only 20 cm across and its sting is not able to penetrate our skins.
 Initially a fragile disc, it may acquire copious amounts of jelly to become hard and soapy.
 Many small tentacles hang from its rim,
 lashing small suspended particles onto its four feeding tentacles surrounding its mouth underneath the bell. The four earlobes on top are its gonads,
 which are eagerly sought out by leatherjackets and other fish.

Australian Spotted Jelly

The White Spotted Jellyfish or Phyllorhiza punctata,
 is a native of Australia and is also known as the Australian spotted jellyfish.
 It grows to the size of about 45-50 centimeters in diameter.
They are beautiful with the design of white spots over their translucent gelatinous body
and their frilly oral arms add another aspect of charm to their appearance.
 Additionally, they are fairly harmless and their sting contains only mild venom
which does not cause any serious effect or reaction in humans

I still can't get over how beautiful the Jellyfish are.

Here are some of the other friends that we made during our visit. 

I hope you all enjoyed your visit the aquarium.
Thanks for tagging along!
It was a great day!!

Look at the neck tie, 
I swear,  although she looks just like her daddy
but she dresses funky like her mother!!

For the rest of the weekend..
I'm going to practice up on my cakes,
make some jewelry
and shave some big shedding, pool filter clogging

Have a great weekend!! 


Katharine said...

Great pictures! We've never been, but we keep saying we're going to go... one of these days! Happy Weekend!

Madelief said...

Hi Leslie,

It looks like the two of you had a great day out! The pictures of the jellyfish look absolutely amazing. Such special creatures they are. It's like they are dancing through the water.

Mother and daughter look very hip on the picture :-)!

Happy weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Sarah B said...

Your pics are great. I agree, jellyfish are mesmerising. I have seen a few exhibits of them and they amaze me. It looks like a great aquarium and a great weekend!

Country Dreaming said...

We love to go to Acquariums when we are out of town.
Looks like you ladies had a lot of fun.

Have a good Sunday.


Annelie said...

So much jelly. I totally love the mushroom jelly, so funny looking.
That picture of the green snake is a great one, I like the way it's hanging on the branch.
Cute mommy-daughter picture. About kids dressing funky, I have one boy who is so into his image and one who is the polar opposite. He wears old soccer socks pulled up all the way up on the calf.

Will you show us your jewelry?


Maya said...

Thanks for sharing this! The jelly fish are so gorgeous..., but I hope that I'll never "meet" one in real live while swimming in the sea!!

Haupi said...

Oh I'm so glad I decided to poke my head in today to say "hi". What a treat, thank you so much! I never saw that many jelly fish in once place as in your picture before, wow. And I never new the mushroom jelly fish even existed. I can't help thinking of about that oil spill and thanking the heavens we have public aquariums where at least this marine life can survive - they look so fragile. I've seen the other fish I think. Anyway, great post! (I'm follower from a few weeks ago and decided I should start commenting) Smiles.


Beach Vintage said...

Those sea mushrooms are just amazing Leslie. Looks like you are having a great time.